I can understand LMA’s uncertainty

by Smitty

Little Miss Attila is Still on the Line about Waterboarding. RSM certainly is not, blowing the lid off of the comment count for previous posts.
All I have to do is consider the following:

  1. My colleague and fellow Naval Reservist, LCDR Robert Elseth, who picked the wrong (or the right: he was a Christian of the Methodist persuasion, IIRC) week to do some Annual Training in the Navy Command Center.
  2. The usage of waterboarding could not have been more discriminate while still occurring. This was not wanton mayhem.
  3. The will of the people prevailed. Even the constrained usage of point #2 was deemed too much, and it stopped. Whether or not you yourself consider waterboarding torture, the consensus is that Waterboarding Is Torture. Really no need for further discussion, on our part.
  4. Captured by the terrorists, waterboarding is the least of your worries. Particularly any woman.

I would have probably made the same decisions as the Bush Administration members, placed in their context. While the Constitutional separation of stands sodomized, W was granted authorization to engage in WAR, not some pleasant, abstract weekend discourse, oh purveyors of weenie-hood. Volunteer, serve your country, and see what that means.
Senator McCain’s misgivings are also to be respected. Had I trod his path (heaven forbid, please), I should surely see his viewpoint. The court of public opinion has weighed in. It was done, it’s discontinued, let’s move on.
In summary, my opinion is that the measured use of waterboarding while at the edge of acceptability, was acceptable, but that the line has been moved, and it is no longer generally acceptable.

HotMES also has a post on this topic. Monique, there is a difference between tasteless jokes about torture and actual torture, just as there is between murder and someone saying “I’m going to kill you” without homicidal intent. And that’s about as close as I can get to defending the left.

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