Track-A-‘Crat on Feinstein: how does he feel?

by Smitty

He seems like he has a bone to pick with the good Senator:

I know that DC is Hollywood for ugly people but Sen. Feinstein is taking it a bit too far. I’ve seen more healthy looking corpses.


So, in addition to criminal ugliness, Feinstein should also be charged with corruption and her husband with insider trading.
Two trends have damaged the popular perceptions of politics more than anything else.

  • The first is allowing anyone to run (and, worse still, electing them) when they have manifestly not achieved nor sacrificed anything for their country.
  • The second is the reduction of politics to a self-enrichment scheme.

Feinstein is, alongside the president himself, the epitome of both.

The question is, what do my three stooges, Moran, Warner, and Webb, have to do to earn your attention?


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