Bill Maher hates himself. And can you blame him?

Via Memorandum, I encountered Bill Maher’s 737-word sneer at the Tea Party movement and conservatives in general. Having observed Maher for more than 15 years, I felt obligated to share a few insights:

Years ago, when he still had his ABC show, Politically Incorrect, I observed that Maher had two pet peeves, Christian morality and feminism. This struck me as not coincidental, as both of these belief systems would tend to interfere with what was transparently the chief object of Maher’s existence: Getting laid.
After I’d moved to Washington, I became acquainted with someone who had frequently been a guest on Maher’s show. When I shared my supposition about the basis of Maher’s political fixations, my friend nodded eagerly and said: “Bill Maher’s idea of a romantic evening is doing coke with hookers at Sky Bar.” . . .

Read the rest at Hot Air’s Green Room.

UPDATE: No Sheeples Here:

In a monologue from one of his HBO shows, Maher noted that [Sarah] Palin has five children including an infant that has Down syndrome saying “She had it when she was 43 years old. And it looks a lot like John Edwards.”

Maher’s never-married status (at age 53) is sort of the “tell” on his game. Marriage is an institution that teaches humility, requiring a man to acknowledge that he isn’t always right. As every husband knows, every time you do something stupid, your wife is required to recite the list (which wives memorize and rehearse continually in their minds) of every stupid thing you’ve ever done. An adolescent narcissist can’t deal with that. So it’s hookers at Sky Bar for Bill.


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