Holy crap! Threatening Malkin?

Hat-tip to William Teach of Pirate’s Cove (home of “Patriotic Pin-Up Sunday“) for a comment linking to this at Atlas Shrugs:

Charles Johnson is making threats about going after Michelle Malkin. He says he’s got lots of stuff to use against her.

And I’m mentioned, too. With “friends” like these, who needs James Wolcott? Is there someone — anyone — who can stop this madness? As previously noted, I ignored the dustup between LGF, Geller and Robert Spencer for months, hoping it would fade into insignificance. It was only because of Johnson’s continued ax-grinding against them that I mentioned it in November, and it was only because he went after Ann Coulter in February that I began paying more attention.

Charles Johnson seems determined to travel the same road that took David Brock from being a famous investigative reporter to being the hack-in-chief at Media Matters. It saddens me.

UPDATE: A commenter asks about context: When did Malkin link me? My blog is occasionally linked on the “Buzzworthy” headline feed in the right sidebar at Malkin’s site. Johnson is apparently referring to my earlier post about Geller showing up on “Buzzworthy.”

Of course, Malkin has more important things to do than get in the middle of an intramural dispute like this, preferring to train her fire on the Left. Which is what I would rather do as well. Michelle did allow Goldstein and Patterico to air their grievances at Hot Air, but she has, so far as I can tell, avoided the Johnson/Geller/Spencer feud.

The fact that Johnson is threatening to drag Malkin into it suggests, I think, how severe Johnson’s alienation has become — and causes me to regret that I ignored this rift as long as I did. I have an unusual talent for conciliation: Once I get involved, the feuding parties usually realize that they hate me worse than they hate each other. Problem solved by the Universal Scapegoat: When In Doubt, Blame Stacy.

UPDATE II: Or blame Donald Douglas:

I keep seeing notes at various blogs from former LGF commenters who’ve been banned.

It’s the “urge to purge,” the atavistic impulse of coalition-building by a process of subtraction.

UPDATE III: The Reichstag Fire? Once you transgress Godwin’s Law, there’s no going back.

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