Perhaps I’ll have to ask the Blogospheric Neologian for a ruling on this one. In an e-mail exchange today with Pundette, she said she’d linked me and then added, “Not that you need the hits.”

Au contraire! I suffer from an insatiable craving for linkage and a ravenous appetite for additional traffic. (Hello, “Carrie Prejean bikini pics“!) It’s never enough. Three “Malkin Award” nominations since February? Not enough. Two Instalanches in one day? Not enough.

Small, rational ambitions are a waste of time. The alternative to growth is not stability, but entropy. Growth implies a teleological purpose, an ultimate goal.

Therefore, I wake up every morning and sit down at the computer aiming to advance further toward total blogospheric hegemony, which is of course but the first step on the road to global Internet domination. If I ever reach the point where I’m getting e-mails from Rush Limbaugh asking that I mention his show on my blog . . .

At any rate, there ought to be a name for such mad ambition. Megalobloggermania?

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