The 100 Days PrimeTime LoveFest

The slobbering apologists of the White House press corps will pitch underhanded softballs at Obama’s Teleprompter tonight.

I don’t know that I can bear to watch, but fortunately, Steve Green of VodkaPundit is already three martinis into his drunkblogging. (Don’t try this at home, kids: This man is a professional alcoholic.)

UPDATE: On Twitter, Mike Laroche says he’d rather watch Michael Moore eat bacon off Janeane Garofalo’s breasts.
I just switched on the TV and am amazed by the Mexican swine flu obsession of the Washington press corps. As I explained to David Brooks yesterday, it’s very easy to avoid Mexican swine flu:

1. Avoid swine.
2. Avoid Mexicans.

Of course, for the DC press corps, being around a lot of swine is an occupational reality.

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