Full Metal Jacket Saturday

Every Saturday, in obedience to Rule 2 of “How to Get a Million Hits on Your Blog,” we feature our reach-around round-up, linking everybody who has linked us in the past week. For the past several weeks, Smitty has done this with the help of high-tech clonebots.

However, Smitty is spending quality time with his in-laws this week, and therefore, he’s left me in charge of the clonebots. Since I’m a low-tech kind of guy and therefore don’t know WTF I’m doing, this is going to be kind of a mess. If your link got left out, e-mail Smitty, and he’ll get you hooked up next week. And so, here we go . . .

(Actually, now that I’m looking at what the clonebots brought back from Technorati, it seems there was a photo-finish for third place — lots of bloggers linked us twice this week — but maybe you guys don’t mind? If anyone objects: Kiss the pig!)

URGENT: We interrupt this round-up to bring you this breaking news: “Top Gun” star Kelly McGillis has announced that she is a lesbian. Via Ace, who says, “I guess she’s lost that lovin’ feeling.” I won’t believe it until I see video proof. We now return you to your regularly scheduled reach-around . . .

Where do I get crazy ideas like this? Am I brilliant or just plain evil? Oh, well, on with the round-up:

BTW, just as an aside on blogospheric method, Rule 1 still works. After my pathetic whine about a lack of linky-love on my patented Carrie Prejean breast implant meme — dude, I so owned that — I actually got ‘Lanched last night. It’s like a double dose of Enzyte for the blog-fu. Now, on with the round-up . . .

Man, sorry this is taking so long, but ever since November, these freaking unionized clonebots act like they run the place. We continue:

More seminar training for newbie bloggers: Try a Rule 3. Go to Memeorandum. Find a story there you want to blog about. Link/quote the story, give your own commentary, and link/quote some of the other blogs that are commenting on that story, and be sure to hat-tip Memeorandum. (Right now Memeorandum has so much commentary on this Carrie Prejean thing.) If you’ll do that regularly for a couple of weeks, eventually you should trigger their algorithm and pop up in the Memeorandum feed. We continue with the linky-love:

And, finally, these blogs linked us, but the stupid clonebots couldn’t figure out which posts:

Remember to celebrate Rule 5 Sunday — and since it’s National Offend A Feminist Week, this should be an extra-special version!


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