MSM pile onto Carrie Prejean nude

OK, when I started blogging “Carrie Prejean nude” yesterday morning, the story was basically MSNBC and some celebrity gossip blogs at WeSmirch. Now look:

You see the point? The story first broke online late Monday. By the time somebody picks up the paper Wednesday, the news is about 36 hours old and — assuming you’ve got Internet access at your home and/or office — if you actually care about the story, you already know everything. Why buy a paper that’s just rehashing what was on Pop Crunch yesterday morning?

And look at this pathetic excuse for a celebrity blogger at The Washington Post. Just read that dull bilge, if you can stay awake, and ask yourself how someone so deathly boring got assigned to the celebrity beat?

People who talk about Old Media dying because of liberal bias are missing the point. Old Media is dying because the people who run it are slow and dull. They seem to think they’re still living in a world where you can take eight hours to write a 450-word story and call that a day’s work.

What they lack is not “balance” or “fairness.” They lack hustle.

When things are slow, you can sit around sipping coffee and talking on the phone, and the idleness doesn’t matter. But when something big breaks on your beat, you’ve got to be ready to move like lightning and out-hustle the other guy.

I’m looking at the L.A. Times Web site and not seeing any Carrie Prejean news. Are you freaking kidding me?

She’s Miss California! And she’s NAKED! Gays! Hollywood! Politics! Controversy! This stuff sells papers!

How can the editors of the L.A. Times allow their paper to get scooped on a huge story like this in their own freaking backyard? If I were the publisher, I would be livid. A once-great news organization getting blown out of the water on a major story by a bunch of bloggers?


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