Marie Osmond’s lesbian daughter?

While searching the news for the latest Carrie Prejean developments, I just happened to come across a story that one of Marie Osmond’s daughters is a lesbian. Can you guess which one?

Most of you guys probably guessed wrong, according to this story that reports Marie is supporting same-sex marriage in California.

Some background: Three years ago, Marie went on a crusade for Internet decency after reading her daugthers’ MySpace pages. Daughter Jessica, then 18, described herself on MySpace as a bisexual who craved sex “as many times as possible,” while daughter Rachael, then 16, described herself as a “slut” and a “whore.”

According to the latest news, Jessica has since kissed “bi” bye-bye and is now playing full-time for the other team. But cheer up, guys: You still have a shot at the self-described “slut”/”whore.”

Just quoting what others have reported. Nothing to do with National Offend A Feminist Week. Honest.


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