When Democrats start to doubt

While researching a liberal blogger who declared that she could “possibly bring [herself] to link to Robert ‘McCrazy’ McCain” — and I’m only too happy to return the favor of non-linkage, Libby Spencer — I ended up on the Detroit News blog, where I encountered Robert Smith Jr.

Smith is a Democrat, but he’s starting to doubt that Hope and Change is going to change anything he’d hoped it would. Here he is reacting to a rumor that Michigan Gov. Jennifer Granholm might be nominated to the Supreme Court:

Can Democrats keep Michigan blue if the president decides to nominate Gov. Jennifer Granholm for the Supreme Court? Some think it will take the spotlight off the office of governor that she has had for eight years as things in Michigan got worse in every way. The economy and the education system have failed completely. The bad or sad part is Democrats no longer have Bush to blame. My, do Democrats miss George?

Notice that Smith (a) bluntly admits that Granholm has been a disaster as governor, and (b) realizes that Democrats have benefitted from the “blame Bush” syndrome, which is already past its sell-by date and certainly won’t be electoral magic in 2010.

Then Smith comes up with a post titled, “President Obama Gets More Like George Bush Daily.” This is the real seed of dissent, the kind of thought that can lead somebody to re-examine their political commitments. When you vote for Change and instead get More Of The Same, you start asking yourself, “Who do these guys really represent? Because they sure as heck ain’t representing me.”

The recognition that you have been played — promised the moon, the stars and the sun by clever political hustlers who were only in it for their own power — is the kind of lightbulb-over-the-head moment that produces ex-Democrats. A lot of women Democrats felt similarly when the party shoved Hillary aside in favor of Obama, but their hatred of Republicans was enough for them to get over it in November.

If continued, that kind of disappointment, that sense of betrayal caused by political deception can lead a thinking man to ask, “Why am I voting for these people? Why did I ever believe their nonsense?”

One thing’s for sure: If Smith ever believed Obama had a magic economic formula to fix what’s wrong with Detroit, he’s going to be in for a lot more disappointment. It Won’t Work. The Fundamentals Still Suck. Economics Is Not a Popularity Contest.


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