TMI, Smitty Edition

by Smitty (I was insufficiently favored to be tagged by S.Logan, but, what do you expect, I’m not exactly available)

1) I’m the son of a son of a sailor. Served on three ships out of San Dog.
2) Favorite verse of the Bible is the counter-intuitive “Consider the work of God: for who can make [that] straight, which he hath made crooked?–Eccl 7:13”. In fact, that inspired a 4,000 word novella “Thorgun the Crooked” that I wrote as an undergrad. Historical-piece-cum-spleen-dump after being dumped my junior year in college. It was only mildly mysogynist.
3) Sports are not my thing at all, but I will crush anyone in a game of cribbage.
4) I can spell piobaireachd though my lips fail and my left hand goes to sleep trying to play the couple I’ve studied. However, I did move Mt. Fuji
5) My first date with my wife was Joe Satriani, on his Engines of Creation Tour. Here is a gorgeous groove off that. (Can’t wait to hear him on Chickenfoot).
6) I used to collect comic books, but got bored. I used to drink, but got bored. I was just in Las Vegas, and the thought of gambling made me bored. Got my bumpers on at The Pinball Hall of Fame, though.
7) I completed the San Diego Marathon, once (2000). Highlight was giving a shout out to my classmate, The Toolbox.
8) Created my own poetic form, haiku sonnet. Art is better than I can do, for a given medium.

If this doesn’t dispel the rumor that I’m some sock puppet of Stacy’s (bonus facts: he’s ten years and a day my senior, and I have a sister named Stacey) I don’t know what will.


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