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May 20, 2009

‘Day By Day’ Going PG-13?

Perhaps as a coy commentary on the “Carrie Prejean Nude” goldmine — dude, I own that Google bomb — Chris Muir’s beloved “Day By Day” gives new meaning to the phrase “comic strip”:



Yes, folks, believe it or not, Republicans get naked and have sex, as Jon Henke recently proved.

On hears rumors that, for a generous contribution to his tip jar, Chris Muir will provide the benefactor with an original painting of their favorite “Day By Day” character nude. And the cool thing is — according to the kind of unreliable second-hand gossip that circulates among bloggers — Chris will customize those features which, otherwise, would be left to the cartoon reader’s lascivious imagination. (Igbay Inkpay Uffiepays?)

Also, since Muir did the artwork for Little Miss Attila’s blog, you could have her in full-color art, anyway you want her — or, at least, that’s what sources say.

Hmmm. What would they pay for an artist’s rendering of what’s beneath the notorious Speedo?

May 20, 2009

St. Obama of Notre Dame

Commonweal anoints The One:

Barack Obama:
The second Catholic president?

I am reminded of John Zmirak and The Amazing Catholic Bulls*** Generator:

Catholic journalist Philip Lawler shows how The Generator enabled various bishops to write earnest thank you notes to pedophile priests, praising them for their “ministry,” and vague reassuring letters to anguished parents that spoke of “compassion” “therapy” and “legitimate concerns.” The pastoral letters of Los Angeles Cardinal Roger Mahony . . . seem to have been entirely produced by The Generator — which must be running day and night in the basement of his extraordinary new cathedral.

The sort of “Catholicism” preached by Commonweal (and Cardinal Mahony) is merely a variant of The Theology of Niceness, where euphemism and platitudes are employed as erzatz substitutes for faith and obedience.

May 20, 2009

VIDEO: What Charlie Crist Is Up Against

Moe Lane is becoming a believer. As I said at the Hot Air Green Room, everybody who has seen this video is asking the same question: Why in the world would John Cornyn and the NRSC back Charlie Crist against this guy?

Hat tips to Pat and Carol.

BTW, the Not One Red Cent rebellion is growing rapidly: 3,400 visits in the first four days, including nearly 1,400 yesterday, with a boost from Conservative Grapevine.

UPDATE: Now front page at Hot Air, and John Hawkins has just published the petition to the NRSC. If you’re a blogger who wants to sign the petition, e-mail John.

Meanwhile, Matt Lewis reports on the movement, linking to Erick Erickson’s latest “Not One Red Cent” message at Red State.

UPDATE II: Now a Memeorandum thread.

UPDATE III: Dave Weigel of the Washington Independent and Eric Zimmerman of The Hill both report the story. Blogged by Dan Riehl of Riehl World View and at Hyscience.

UPDATE IV: John McCormack at the Weekly Standard offers side-by-side comparison of Rubio’s speech with video of Crist introducing Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Townhall’s Greg Hengler is now a Rubio fan, as is Fausta Wertz.

UPDATE V: K-Lo has a new poll on the Florida Senate race, showing Crist with only 49% favorable among Republicans. Compared to that, Rubio’s relatively low name-ID is inconsequential. How many Americans had heard of Barack Obama 15 months before the 2008 Iowa caucus?

UPDATE VI: The Rebellion Goes Viral! Meanwhile, Matt Lewis sees the video and says:

To be sure, the NRSC’s premature endorsement of Governor Crist would have evoked some negative reaction — even if his primary opponent were some right-wing nobody . . . or a squishy liberal Republican. But with Rubio, the Republican establishment has essentially pushed aside a young, attractive, conservative, Hispanic, highly-qualified, experienced leader.

BTW, you know who has a man-crush on Charlie Crist? Republican “kingmaker” Fred Malek. NTTAWWT.

UPDATE VII: Dad29 and Sundries Shack applaud the Rubio video, Pundette says, “The last two minutes made me cry,” and St. Blogustine says, “It’s Payback Time!”

May 20, 2009

The subject was Ross Douthat

“It’s an intelligent thought that has only one defect, namely that of being wrong.”

May 20, 2009

Because all cool bloggers drink Corona

Longtime readers know that Budweiser was once the Official Beer of The Other McCain. But then negotiations with Anheuser-Busch for a lucrative endorsement deal fell through, just about the same time I discovered that Budweiser is made with horse urine and has been shown in laboratory tests to cause penile cancer.

Well, the cheapskates at Anheuser-Busch had their chance. But now the federal government is stepping in to make sure they won’t have that chance again:

[B]ack-scratching endorsements could become tougher under a coming set of Federal Trade Commission guidelines designed to clarify how companies can court bloggers to write about their products. This summer, the government agency is expected to issue new advertising guidelines that will require bloggers to disclose when they’re writing about a sponsor’s product and voicing opinions that aren’t their own. The new FTC guidelines say that blog authors should disclose when they’re being compensated by an advertiser to discuss a product.

So I’m cashing in while there’s still time. Drink delicious Corona Extra Beer, because it’s guaranteed to be free of horse urine and won’t make your winky fall off.

(Hat tip: NewsAlert.)

UPDATE: By the way, Moe Lane, it’s been a while since I’ve gotten any blogola from you. I don’t want to say you’re in danger of losing your status as the World’s Sexiest Blogger but . . . well, I don’t want to say that. Also, it would be a sad thing if Jules Crittenden lost his status as Marie Osmond’s lesbian daughter.

May 20, 2009

‘The corrupt bastards . . .’

Being unlinked by Allah sucks bad. But when I’m tempted to think I’ve got it bad, there’s always Jules Crittenden reminds me that at least I don’t live in Massachusetts:

Massachusetts’ one-party government just passed a veto-proof sales tax hike … up 25 percent from 5 percent to 6.25 percent. The corrupt bastards did not care to do any heavy lifting on pensions, bennies or do-nothing jobs. Too traumatic. Better to chisel it out of people – voters or taxpayers if you like, around here you might as well call them saps — who are also taking hits on … pensions, bennies and jobs. We will never pry their fingers off that 1.25 percent … which they have now also applied to pre-taxed booze, so the beleaguered taxpayer can’t even drink himself into oblivion without being dunned.

That sucks. Bad.

May 20, 2009

Thank you, Christopher Orlet

He says what a lot of conservatives have been thinking:

I have a question for all the moral equivalency experts out there. Isn’t hiring Bristol Palin to be the spokeswoman against teen pregnancy a bit like appointing Tommy Chong drug czar? . . .
Ms. Palin’s public appearances are awkward, cringe-inducing balancing acts. . . . Motherhood is wonderful and a blessing. Here, just look at these adorable photos! Oh, but unplanned teen babies will also ruin your life. The fact is Ms. Palin is sending more mixed messages than a Blackberry in a blender. . . .

Read the whole thing, especially the conclusion. Orlet is perhaps too hard on teen mothers, and not hard enough on unwed mothers — nor on the sperm-donor scoundrels like Levi Johnston who evidently feel no remorse or embarrassment over their selfish abandonment of the mothers of their children.

May 20, 2009

Absolutely Starkers

by Smitty (h/t Insty)


Perhaps the media doesn’t get it that the American people can more easily take the bias of an attack-dog, go-for-the jugular media that claims it is the watchdog of the public trust and therefore must skin the president, far more than such carnivores suddenly becoming sheepish and obsequious, as ministers of truth, rephrasing and repackaging the party line. How odd that just six months ago we had screaming reporters and columnists talking about the near-end-of-days with Bush — and now doing contortions to assure us that things suddenly aren’t that bad after all, or that we must give Obama flexibility and time to sort out the prior mess. Quite scary, all this chest-thumping about tough journalistic integrity of 2001-8 suddenly devolving into, “Hey everyone, we can reassure you that the Emperor really does have clothes on.”

I never thought I’d see the day when these purveyors of 30′ Smurfs would be characterized as prophetic:
Stacy: when do we do this one at the karaoke bar?

May 20, 2009

Most Cynical Blog Post Evah

In the Hot Air Green Room:

My blogging sucks worse than Meghan McCain. I am a worthless, pathetic excuse for a human being, undeserving of any praise or reward. Everything I do is wrong, and if I were Allah, I wouldn’t link me, either.

I’d tell you to go read the whole thing, but you won’t click the link, because I suck so bad.

UPDATE: Hat-tip to Hot Air Headlines, because Allah read my mind:

Embittered people are typically good people who have worked hard at something important, such as a job or a relationship or activity, Linden says. When something unexpectedly awful happens — they don’t get the promotion, the wife files for divorce or they fail to make the Olympic team — a profound sense of injustice overtakes them.

“When something unexpectedly awful happens,” like Allah not linking me, you see, or Ross Douthat getting an op-ed column in the New York Times at age twenty freaking nine . . .

UPDATE II: In case you are one of the two or three unfortunate souls who tried to read it, my Post Of Profound Suckitude is about top-down “boss”-style management and dysfunctional organizations (like the Republican Party), an expansion on the long post I did yesterday.

But while being unlinked by Allah is horribly destructive to a blogger’s self-esteem, it’s a walk in the sunshine compared to the unrelenting misery being inflicted on The Washington Times newsroom by their new management:

From: John Solomon
To: [Washington Times newsroom]
Subject: Accuracy and Fairness
Accuracy, precision, fairness and balance are our essential coins of credibility in the marketplace. As we expand our product line and our workload, we cannot allow these pillars of journalism to be compromised by shortcuts, sloppiness or deadlines. To ensure we all live up to the promise, I am instituting the following reforms effective immediately:
1) Any reporter or editor who makes an error in a story that requires a published correction must submit a letter to the Executive Editor and Managing Editor explaining the mistake and what corrective actions were taken. These letters will be placed in your permanent personnel file.
2) Any reporters or editors who submit stories or content without fair comment or adequate balance will have their stories bounced from the lineup until they are corrected.
3) All reporters who have had stories with published corrections in the last year and any editors who inserted errors into copy will be required to take a mandatory class on accuracy and precision to be held the first week of June and led by Carleton Bryant.

So, your newsroom is already understaffed and demoralized, its grim survivors hanging on by their fingernails under the increased workload heaped upon them, and your solution is to require the staff to submit more paperwork and attend a mandatory class on “accuracy and precision.”

See? In a functional organization, you’d just chew people out when they screwed up, and fire them if they screwed up once too often. Instead, it is necessary to issue this blanket threat of Kafkaesque humiliation, where adult professionals are compelled to go through the journalistic equivalent of Maoist “self-criticism.”

It’s sheer sadism. By God, I’m not sorry I quit.

UPDATE III: The Washington Times should hire Dave Burge.

May 20, 2009

The Dodgy Weaver

by Smitty (h/t American Glob)

Emphasis mine:

The Republican strategist who helped Utah Gov. Jon Huntsman prepare for a possible presidential run says the Republican party is in for a devastating defeat if its guiding lights are Sarah Palin, Rush Limbaugh and Dick Cheney. “If it’s 2012 and our party is defined by Palin and Limbaugh and Cheney, then we’re headed for a blowout,” says strategist John Weaver, who advised Huntsman and was for years a close adviser to Sen. John McCain. “That’s just the truth.”

Dear John,
  Nominating Governor Palin was your former advisee’s Denton moment. My opinion is that JSM realized his years of beltway confinement, listening to lefties in moderate clothing (of which ilk you may be an example) had rendered him ineffective to alter the socialist course of the country. So he sent the strongest possible signal.
  Why didn’t you tell JSM to take a term off from the Senate after the 2000 election, and re-connect with a Constitutional, federalist, CONSERVATIVE view? His 2008 campaign might have appeared other than rudderless, in that case.

Huntsman, a favorite of GOP moderates

  LOL to ol’ tool. John, understand that in the eyes of many, moderate==lefty. You are either interested in a Constitutional approach, or you’re going to have grief heaped upon you from both the right and the left. Think of the the American political landscape as a valley, with moderates milling about in the middle, which is also a no-man’s land, and the ridges on the left and right are populated by some deeply committed partisans. John, you have no friends, and you’re likely to be more welcome on the left ridge than the right, with the rest of the lousy sell-outs. I’m guessing you have enough dodge/weave skills to survive. As for the right ridge: Tea Party.