‘Day By Day’ Going PG-13?

Perhaps as a coy commentary on the “Carrie Prejean Nude” goldmine — dude, I own that Google bomb — Chris Muir’s beloved “Day By Day” gives new meaning to the phrase “comic strip”:



Yes, folks, believe it or not, Republicans get naked and have sex, as Jon Henke recently proved.

On hears rumors that, for a generous contribution to his tip jar, Chris Muir will provide the benefactor with an original painting of their favorite “Day By Day” character nude. And the cool thing is — according to the kind of unreliable second-hand gossip that circulates among bloggers — Chris will customize those features which, otherwise, would be left to the cartoon reader’s lascivious imagination. (Igbay Inkpay Uffiepays?)

Also, since Muir did the artwork for Little Miss Attila’s blog, you could have her in full-color art, anyway you want her — or, at least, that’s what sources say.

Hmmm. What would they pay for an artist’s rendering of what’s beneath the notorious Speedo?


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