St. Obama of Notre Dame

Commonweal anoints The One:

Barack Obama:
The second Catholic president?

I am reminded of John Zmirak and The Amazing Catholic Bulls*** Generator:

Catholic journalist Philip Lawler shows how The Generator enabled various bishops to write earnest thank you notes to pedophile priests, praising them for their “ministry,” and vague reassuring letters to anguished parents that spoke of “compassion” “therapy” and “legitimate concerns.” The pastoral letters of Los Angeles Cardinal Roger Mahony . . . seem to have been entirely produced by The Generator — which must be running day and night in the basement of his extraordinary new cathedral.

The sort of “Catholicism” preached by Commonweal (and Cardinal Mahony) is merely a variant of The Theology of Niceness, where euphemism and platitudes are employed as erzatz substitutes for faith and obedience.


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