Thank you, Christopher Orlet

He says what a lot of conservatives have been thinking:

I have a question for all the moral equivalency experts out there. Isn’t hiring Bristol Palin to be the spokeswoman against teen pregnancy a bit like appointing Tommy Chong drug czar? . . .
Ms. Palin’s public appearances are awkward, cringe-inducing balancing acts. . . . Motherhood is wonderful and a blessing. Here, just look at these adorable photos! Oh, but unplanned teen babies will also ruin your life. The fact is Ms. Palin is sending more mixed messages than a Blackberry in a blender. . . .

Read the whole thing, especially the conclusion. Orlet is perhaps too hard on teen mothers, and not hard enough on unwed mothers — nor on the sperm-donor scoundrels like Levi Johnston who evidently feel no remorse or embarrassment over their selfish abandonment of the mothers of their children.


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