‘The corrupt bastards . . .’

Being unlinked by Allah sucks bad. But when I’m tempted to think I’ve got it bad, there’s always Jules Crittenden reminds me that at least I don’t live in Massachusetts:

Massachusetts’ one-party government just passed a veto-proof sales tax hike … up 25 percent from 5 percent to 6.25 percent. The corrupt bastards did not care to do any heavy lifting on pensions, bennies or do-nothing jobs. Too traumatic. Better to chisel it out of people – voters or taxpayers if you like, around here you might as well call them saps — who are also taking hits on … pensions, bennies and jobs. We will never pry their fingers off that 1.25 percent … which they have now also applied to pre-taxed booze, so the beleaguered taxpayer can’t even drink himself into oblivion without being dunned.

That sucks. Bad.


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