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May 21, 2009

Amp This Up

by Smitty

Thank heaven for the Randy Barnetts of this country who merge the passion with the stature and the courage to fight to alter course away from Socialist Shoals.
It’ll take Randy and a cast of thousands, like the readers of this blog, and that shy, introverted little churchmouse Stacy McCain, but we’ll git ‘er done. Failure is a lefty-only option.
This Bill of Federalism is a sine qua non, friends.

May 21, 2009

Track-A-‘Crat Missed the Obvious

by Smitty

What other conclusion can there be to 22 cover appearances in two years?

May 21, 2009

Marco Rubio on Immigration:’We must secure our borders’

Beth Reinhard reports in the Miami Herald:

In response to a question about immigration, Rubio dropped his previous pleas against harsh attacks on illegal workers. He said he would not have voted in favor of the legislation — backed by Crist and Sen. Mel Martinez — that would have allowed illegal workers to earn legal status, which he called “blanket legalization.”
“Nothing is more disruptive to legal immigration than illegal immigration,” he said. “We must secure our borders.”

Read the rest. Meanwhile, a press release from “Not One Red Cent”:

[John] Hawkins says the NRSC made a strategic blunder by backing Crist over former Florida Speaker of the House Marco Rubio, a GOP conservative who is also seeking the Senate seat in 2010.
“The leadership of the Republican Party keeps saying we need to get back to our principles and talking about how important it is to attract more young voters and Hispanic Americans,” Hawkins said. “Then, we get a viable, young, conservative, Hispanic candidate running for Senate and they arrogantly try to shove him aside to make way for a better connected, moderate pol who’s more acceptable to the GOP establishment. This cuts to the core of what’s wrong with today’s Republican Party.”
After [Erick] Erickson reported that he was under pressure from Republicans “begging” him to shut down the anti-NRSC Facebook group, hundreds more conservatives joined the group.
“The NRSC endorsing Charlie Crist, the man Barack Obama calls his favorite Republican, sends a strong signal that the NRSC believes it can take the GOP base’s money, then tell them to shut up,” Erickson said. “It is an admission that the Senate Republicans, after two back to back disasters, have yet to properly diagnose their problems.”

Get the latest updates at Not One Red Cent.

(Cross-posted at Hot Air’s Green Room.)

UPDATE: Charlie Crist was for Keynesian bailouts before he was against them. (Via Memeorandum.)

UPDATE II: Club for Growth asks, “Will Crist Pull a Specter?”

“Charlie Crist has shown he’s willing to say one thing and do another,” said the Club’s resident, Chris Chocola. “Voters deserve to know just how far he’ll go for the sake of political expediency.”

Pundette has excerpts of Rubio’s interview with NRO.


May 21, 2009

Cheney tortures Pelosi

Dick Cheney is just now delivering the most devastating indictment of Nancy Pelosi — and the general Democratic Party stance toward terrorism — I could ever imagine.

Here is the text:

In top secret meetings about enhanced interrogations, I made my own beliefs clear. I was and remain a strong proponent of our enhanced interrogation program. The interrogations were used on hardened terrorists after other efforts failed. They were legal, essential, justified, successful, and the right thing to do. The intelligence officers who questioned the terrorists can be proud of their work and proud of the results, because they prevented the violent death of thousands, if not hundreds of thousands, of innocent people.
Our successors in office have their own views on all of these matters.
By presidential decision, last month we saw the selective release of documents relating to enhanced interrogations. This is held up as a bold exercise in open government, honoring the public’s right to know. We’re informed, as well, that there was much agonizing over this decision.
Yet somehow, when the soul-searching was done and the veil was lifted on the policies of the Bush administration, the public was given less than half the truth. The released memos were carefully redacted to leave out references to what our government learned through the methods in question. Other memos, laying out specific terrorist plots that were averted, apparently were not even considered for release. For reasons the administration has yet to explain, they believe the public has a right to know the method of the questions, but not the content of the answers.

I’m watching MSNBC, where Chris Matthews, Lawrence O’Donnell and that horrible woman (whose name escapes me) take turns reciting DNC talking points and calling Cheney a liar.

Next time some liberal starts lecturing me about “civility,” I’m going to play them video of O’Donnell’s reaction. Pat Buchanan — the only Republican allowed on “Hardball” — grinned and said, “Larry’s reaction tells you that Cheney’s speech worked.”

May 21, 2009

Texas, Florida Conservative Grassroots Fight GOP Elite Over Crist Endorsement

The grassroots revolt went viral yesterday, the Florida GOP Chairman was forced to back down from his Senate endorsement for Charlie Crist, and now the fire spreads to NRSC Chairman John Cornyn’s Texas:

Key Republicans in Texas are alarmed by Sen. John Cornyn’s decision, as chairman of the National Republican Senatorial Committee, to endorse Florida Gov. Charlie Crist in a contested Senate race 15 months before the GOP primary.
“If they’re going to do it in Florida, what’s to stop them from doing it everywhere?” a Texas Republican source told me late Wednesday. “It’s absurd that the NRSC is doing this. It’s an insult to the base.”

Read the whole thing. Meanwhile, for your amusement, I had a little personal score to settle:

When a Georgia boy with a degree from Jacksonville (Ala.) State University comes to Washington as a journalist, he becomes accustomed to a steady diet of insults from the snobs of the Beltway media elite.
Some insults rankle worse than others, however. So it was impossible to resist the impulse to rub that insult back into an arrogant Ivy Leaguer’s face: “Of course, conservative bloggers never do reporting because, as liberal blogger Matthew Yglesias says, ‘What the right lacks are people with the skill to do the job” And since Yglesias went to Harvard, he knows everything.”

Read that whole thing, too. ‘Cause I’m the King of Rock ‘n’ Roll. Thankyuhvurrrmuch.

BTW, I just realized I’ve been working continuously since 7 a.m. Wednesday morning. After 24 hours, I figure I could use three or four hours sleep, don’t you?

UPDATE 12:50 p.m. ET: Now a Memeorandum thread, as Erick Erickson reacts to Greer’s walkback, saying the Florida chairman “”is glossing over the fact that he tried to use party rules to get Rubio knocked off the ballot. He is also ignoring the fact that he made clear at the RNC meeting that the Republican Party of Florida would be supporting only Crist in the Senate race and only McCollum in the gubernatorial race.”

UPDATE 1 p.m.: John Hawkins analyzes why GOP leaders are so freaking clueless:

[T]he leadership of the Republican Party keeps saying we need to get back to our principles and talks about how important it is to attract more young voters and Hispanic Americans. Then, we get a viable young conservative Hispanic candidate like Marco Rubio running for the Senate in Florida and they arrogantly try to shove him aside to make way for a better-connected, moderate pol who’s more acceptable to the GOP establishment.
Our party leadership goes on “listening tours” where they don’t talk about hot-button issues, say the base needs to get over Reagan, and don’t seem do any real listening.
We get “moderate” Republicans who provide the crucial votes for the Democrats on every key issue. . . .
What it all comes down to is that the Republican establishment is out of touch, doesn’t respect the people who put them in office, and has no principle they wouldn’t compromise for little more than a few kind words from the media.

Read the whole thing.

May 21, 2009

The Eyes of Texas Are Upon You!

“If you want people to respect you, never ever apologize for who you are or where you are from.”
Mike LaRoche

May 21, 2009

Ah, the Iron Law

by Smitty (h/t Hot Air)

You can nearly feel bad for Arnold, after watching that Reason.TV clip.
Two points:

  • California has been the Iron Law of Bureaucracy in action. The Unions seem to bring out the brittle in the Iron Law, no?
  • Arnie is just another moderate:

    Think of the the American political landscape as a valley, with moderates milling about in the middle, which is also a no-man’s land, and the ridges on the left and right are populated by some deeply committed partisans. John, you have no friends, and you’re likely to be more welcome on the left ridge than the right, with the rest of the lousy sell-outs. I’m guessing you have enough dodge/weave skills to survive. As for the right ridge: Tea Party.

The sooner we quit listening to the parade of leftist nitwits, and set about restoring fiscal sanity, the sooner we get on the road to actual recovery. The Kings of the Soul Punk Swing have a video that sums up the collectivist policies nicely:

May 21, 2009

Thankfully, the hate crime isn’t racist

by Smitty (great bit hat tip: Fausta)

The questioning of the Holy Narrative, is, of course, a reprehensible hate crime.
Since the singer is black, it is only racist if you are of European extraction and smile at any of the lines. So take this one as a serious, contemplative meditation, folks. At least it’s safe for work, unlike The S & M Man.

May 21, 2009

Working hard, trying to master the mental gymnastics

by Smitty (h/t Michelle Malkin)

  Last night, I was on about Barnett Frank’s broken record approach to repeating “Bush funded ACORN” while on CNN with Michelle Bachman. Moving forward to the Obama Administration, the Senate voted down GITMO closure funding.
  Somebody refresh my understanding: Congress appropriates and authorizes the money, whether the topic is ACORN or GITMO, correct? I expect nothing less than technical correctness from Barnett on his point, in the same sense that every ship is a mine sweeper–once. Still there seems something…inconsistent in the way Barnett un-courageously manages never to be anywhere near assuming any sort of responsibility for anything. (Yes, Barnett serves in the House, and the GITMO vote was in the Senate, but I don’t feel that diminishes my point about his pattern of non-leadership.)
  Note to MA-4: if Barnett is a representative sample, you’re a strong contender for the Three Dimensional Loser Award, Community Goat-Rope Category:
  Request you put anyone on the ballot instead of BF. Even Carolyn Kennedy would constitute an improvement. Maybe in the sense that diabetes trumps leukemia, but we’ll take any improvement we can get out of the Bay State.