Working hard, trying to master the mental gymnastics

by Smitty (h/t Michelle Malkin)

  Last night, I was on about Barnett Frank’s broken record approach to repeating “Bush funded ACORN” while on CNN with Michelle Bachman. Moving forward to the Obama Administration, the Senate voted down GITMO closure funding.
  Somebody refresh my understanding: Congress appropriates and authorizes the money, whether the topic is ACORN or GITMO, correct? I expect nothing less than technical correctness from Barnett on his point, in the same sense that every ship is a mine sweeper–once. Still there seems something…inconsistent in the way Barnett un-courageously manages never to be anywhere near assuming any sort of responsibility for anything. (Yes, Barnett serves in the House, and the GITMO vote was in the Senate, but I don’t feel that diminishes my point about his pattern of non-leadership.)
  Note to MA-4: if Barnett is a representative sample, you’re a strong contender for the Three Dimensional Loser Award, Community Goat-Rope Category:
  Request you put anyone on the ballot instead of BF. Even Carolyn Kennedy would constitute an improvement. Maybe in the sense that diabetes trumps leukemia, but we’ll take any improvement we can get out of the Bay State.


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