Will Texas Fight?

(BUMPED AND UPDATED) This question occurred to me as I was writing about the “fight for the soul of the GOP” in Florida:

Which brings us back to Texas, home state of Republican Sen. John Cornyn. Remember the fight over the stimulus bill? Remember the key vote where Cornyn had a “prior committment” with wealthy donors in New York City? That caused Mike Wellman to remark: “I am from Texas. I was already angry at Cornyn’s vote on the Treasury Secretary. I will not vote for him again.”
Now as NRSC chairman, Cornyn supports Charlie Crist in Florida, putting the knife in Marco Rubio’s back. This prompts the question: “Are Texans OK with this?”
Does Texas GOP chairwoman Tina Benkiser (512-477-9821 ) approve? What about Texas Republican Gov. Rick Perry (512-478-3276)? Texas Republican Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison (214-361-3500)? Texas RNC members Bill Crocker (512-478-5611) and Cathie Adams (972-523-8551)?
One would think that Texas Republicans might want to ascertain, with all the charm and courtesy for which Texans are famous, whether the Lone Star state’s GOP officials support Cornyn’s decision to have the NRSC decide the Florida Senate primary in favor of Charlie Crist.

Read the whole thing.

UPDATE: Two Florida newspapers, the Tallahassee Democrat and the Fort Myers News-Press, weigh in with editorials criticizing the NRSC’s intervention. Pat Austin writes:

The danger of the NRSC endorsement is that it removes the Florida voters from their own primary. . . . Let Floridians pick their own candidate.

And Florida law student Tommy Jardon has started a pro-Rubio blog called Run Marco Run.

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