Rule 2 Update Seminar

Something that bears repeating when talking about The Rules: If you can do nothing else as a blogger, you can always aggregate.

This morning I woke up with Sotomayer on TV representin’ the South Bronx and thought, “OK, there will be a zillion guys blogging this story today, but what’s up with that dissin’ on the North Bronx?” Wham-bam, and the joke was online in a few minutes.

Well, “hit ’em where they ain’t,” you see? Most political bloggers take this big stuff seriously and blog it like judicial Armageddon, so why not roll the other way and treat it like a joke? And then my buddy Chris Moody at Cato sent me some reaction from his guys, and I threw that in as an update.

The story kept rolling, I got ‘Lanched, and figured: Linkfest! Let’s just round up links to every consevative blog we know, make this a “one stop” post, so the thousands of readers who come in from Instapundit will have more than a dozen choices of where to click next.

Round-up blogging — aggregation, linkfests, whatever you want to call it — is a very reader-friendly way to work. Everybody loves to play the pundit with the original insightful commentary, but that’s really much harder to do than simply to link, link, link.

So: If you ever get some good traffic coming in on a post about a hot topic, try to update with links to other sites on the same topic. In that way, you become a one-stop source for the reader, and you’re also throwing off traffic to other bloggers, who will appreciate it.

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