Sotomayer lies about her own biography


Sotomayor did not live her entire childhood in a housing project in the South Bronx — she spent most of her teenage years in a middle-class neighborhood, attending private school and winning scholarships to Princeton and then Yale. . . .
Sotomayor drew attention to cultural differences between Mexican-Americans and Puerto Ricans and between Puerto Ricans born in Puerto Rico and those born on the U.S. mainland, and narrowed her ethnicity beyond American, Hispanic and Puerto Rican to “Newyorkrican.”

(Via Instapundit.) So, we can’t trust her to tell us where she grew up, but we can trust her on the Supreme Court. More at Hot Air.

BTW, Jason “Big Sexy” Mattera is also “Newyorkrican,” so maybe Obama should nominate Jason to the court. A “wise Latino man with the richnesses of his experiences . . .” Empathy, and all that.


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