Romney: Obama of the Right?

by Smitty (hat tip: American Power Blog)

  He’s interesting on distributing GM shares. But to claim that the GOP, which has tolerated the federal flattening of the individual through the willful ignorance of 10th Amendment since FDR, cares much for conservative values, is just a bit much.

  Mitt: we don’t care about your precious party. Partys are tools for denigrating politics to the level of a sport. If the voting population is distracted from the history and policy at stake by a bunch of questions about which jersey a candidate wears, then who wins? Not the voters. We care about the 50 states, one Constitution, and the principles on which they’re founded far more than any particular narcissist in a stuffed shirt with an immaculate coiffure. Though, one must admit, the cologne work was impressive:

  Why the psdeudonym? 😉

  And before decapitating me in the comments, let me clarify: the BHO comparison is not about experience. Romney certainly has plenty. The comparison is about the stylishness of the presentation, at some cost to substance. I thought Romney delivered an excellent speech at CPAC. I’d like to hear him discuss, in detail, the fallout of his healthcare initiative in the Bay State.

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