Chuckle of the day

by Smitty

  Shannon over at Chicago Boyz expands on a comment to a post defending Milton Friedman over at Reason that skewers the left amusingly.

  The left doesn’t actually have an developed system of thought regarding the economy. They can’t actually explain why the real world political process will systematically make better decisions than the free-market. Instead, they simply point to any reversals in the real economy, regardless of cause, and then assert that in their imaginations, leftist politicians could have done better.
  It’s hard to argue against people’s imagination. You end up with a discussion much like two D&D geeks arguing over whether a dwarf with a +10 axe could take an Elf with a vorpal sword.

  The Chicago Boyz post goes on to wonder aloud about the left trying to imagine its way to “alternative energy.”
  The conclusion is that the dwarf could take the elf, and I’ve got 20 gold pieces to back that assertion.

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