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June 6, 2009

Flog me gently with a morning star

by Smitty

Speaking of honest FMJRA mistakes, I really didn’t pick over my Rule 2 label/folder in Gmail after completing the latest entry. Believe it or not, there was another group of links to be added. And so it came to pass that I was dealt a stinging, well-deserved rebuke by the Camp of the Saints. TCotS has linked us concerning DealerGate, and the Tiller tragedy. He went on to note the contrast between the coverage of Dr. Tiller and Private William Long. A freebie here, but memorable, as was the omtiG line, and the William-the-Conquerors-in-reverse bit, as well.
Special attention was paid to NTCNews both here and here. But the most special attention of all was paid to my inbox, which contained this:
Sometimes there is nothing else to do but say “yep, I tubed it”, and get on with life.

Oh no…I suddenly have a non-recollection of linking Little Miss Attila. Any music recommendations for the doomed?

June 6, 2009

Note the commemorative D-Day abstraction

by Smitty

  Google, tired of the usual guns and grunts and tanks and stuff, has instead offered an abstract portrait of a beach, with a lone boatload of heroes coming in. Certainly, the Allies were what we call today a Coalition, and so we’re treated to a rainbow color to represent the more than red, white, and blue presence.
  Thanks, Google. You guys are boffo.

June 6, 2009

Southern By the Grace of God

Kaitlin Beard of the Rome (Ga.) News-Tribune covered my Thursday speech:

You can’t know who you are without first knowing something about your ancestors, a speaker told the Rome chapter of Sons of Confederate Veterans on Thursday night.
Stacy McCain, a former Rome News-Tribune reporter who also worked as an editor for the Washington Times, spoke to the group at the Rome-Floyd County Library. . . . McCain’s topic for the night was “Beyond the Flag: Defending Our Honor in the 21st Century.” He said that it is a sin for people to forget their past.
“A personal connection is what leads to a love of history. That connection makes all the difference in the world,” said McCain. . . .

You can read the whole thing. The lovely Miss Beard, a junior at Berry College who is interning this summer at the RN-T, slightly garbled one of my quotes. What I actually said was that when you go to defend the South, you had better be prepared to defend it “down to the last boll weevil on the last cotton patch beside the last tar-paper shack on the last dirt road in Mississippi.”

As I told my friends in Rome, it’s like the song from “West Side Story”:

When you’re a Jet,
You’re a Jet all the way.
From your first cigarette
To your last dyin’ day.

When somebody puts down the South, I’m a Jet all the way. This has had terrible consequences for my reputation and frankly, my dear, I don’t give a damn. I’d rather be denounced by the Southern Poverty Law Center than to be a coward who apologetically cringes for fear of being called names. Call me what you will, just don’t ever call me a scalawag.

This is why I was more amused than outraged by Sonia Sotomayor’s “wise Latina” remark. To me, ethnic chauvinism is entirely comprehensible and, in most circumstances, inoffensive. Man is by nature tribal. Edmund Burke’s famous observation about the “little platoons” that make up society eloquently expresses how every person’s natural loyalty to their own particular group constitutes the mortar that bonds them to the larger society.

If you’re Jewish, be a proud Jew, if you’re Italian, be a proud Italian, and if you’re a Newyorican, be a proud Newyorican. A proud Southerner doesn’t mind that at all.

Damned Yankees, Damned Theories
The problem occurs when someone tries to turn their own ethnic pride — a natural and admirable trait — into a larger, universalistic theory, as the Damned Yankees have always done.

Where I come from, “damned Yankee” is not considered cursing. In fact, most folks down home count “damnyankee” as one word. I have frequently described the widespread prejudice against the South as boreal supremacy, the belief that everything about the North is superior to everything about the South. Such prejudice against the South is so common that some people don’t even notice it, but I do, and I resent the hell out of it.

Confronted with the assumption of Northern superiority, some Southerners will react by attempting to ape Northern ways and adopt characteristically Northern attitudes, and start “putting on airs,” as Alabama folks would say. Next thing you know, they’re espousing Buddhist economics and shopping at Whole Foods like some kind of effete pansy. But I digress . . .

There is a right way and a wrong way to deal with being the object of prejudice. Michael Steele thinks that Judge Sotomayor’s response to prejudice is the wrong kind and, given his own experiences with prejudice, Steele’s views certainly deserve consideration.

For the past week, some people labored diligently to convict the judge of “racism.” Having experienced the same kind of treatment, I would be inclined to hear Judge Sotomayor testify to the Judiciary Committee before judging her fitness for the Supreme Court. There may be other controversies — including her judicial decisions — that would be more relevant than her “Jet all the way” Newyorican pride.

Perhaps Judge Sotomayor’s experience of being condemned as a “racist” will enhance her Latina wisdom. It might cause her to re-examine the liberal presumption of inherent “white male privilege” that is the theoretical justification for much of the malicious social engineering practiced in the name of “diversity.”

Redneck Privilege?
When I think of my own ancestors — hard-working people who toiled from dawn to sundown on the red clay hills of Alabama — I am quite naturally filled with pride. The suggestion that I should be ashamed of my ancestors is an insult I deeply resent. And to suggest that I am the beneficiary of an undeserved “privilege” is another sort of insult.

Certainly I have been less “privileged” than the Ivy League-educated Sotomayor, and any suggestion to the contrary amounts to an assertion of my own inferiority. This is an insult to me, and is compounded by an insult to my intelligence if you deny that you have insulted me.

If you say that the descendant of Puerto Ricans is deserving of a privilege that no descendant of Alabama rednecks could ever deserve, you implicity assert that my ancestors were inferior to Sotomayor’s. When I point out the self-evident insult involved, and someone then tells me, “Oh, you don’t understand . . .” or otherwise denies the insulting nature of their argument, they have then asserted that their own understanding is superior to mine.

“Don’t piss down my back and tell me it’s rainin’.”
The Outlaw Josey Wales

There may be legitimate arguments in favor of having a “wise Latina” on the Supreme Court, but insofar as those arguments deny similar consideration to an Alabamian — say, someone like Sen. Jeff Sessions — an entire class of Americans has been thereby disadvantaged by your presumption of their inferiority. No one ever points this out, because the prejudices of boreal supremacy are so universal in elite culture.

Justice Clarence Thomas represents me as well as, if not indeed better than, any of his white associates on the court. From his own experience, Justice Thomas learned that the liberal’s claim of “tolerance” and “civility” is a vicious lie — a lie I discovered through experiences of my own.

It has long been my opinion that, whatever their disagreements and differences, black Americans and white Southerners share the experience of being the objects of prejudice. After years of encountering the patronizing condescension of one’s alleged superiors (a certain bowtied fops’s insulting contempt has been noted), one’s skin grows thick enough that it is no longer a constant struggle to withstand the urge to punch those arrogant bastards right square in their stuck-up noses. If nothing else, one can simply walk out of the room when David Brooks walks in.

Be a Good Jet, Jeff
At some point, however, such insults pile up so high that you feel compelled at least to mention the insult, lest the damned Yankee suppose that you are such a cowardly scalawag as to be insulted with impunity. I consider it beneath my dignity to defend myself against the accusation of “racism” — not even to point out that some of my best friends are Newyorkican — since I understand the accusation as an invitation to crawl in abjection before the shrine of boreal supremacy.

Therefore, I hope that Judge Sotomayor will not withdraw her nomination before she’s had a full hearing before the Senate Judiciary Committee, and further hope that Senator Sessions will ask her whether she believes a “wise Latina” is inherently superior to a wise Alabamian.

Down home, there is a popular bumper-sticker slogan, “American By Birth, Southern By the Grace of God,” and no Southerner should condemn Judge Sotomayor for proclaiming herself “Newyorican By the Grace of God.” But if she’s trying to insult and disadvantage the people Senator Sessions represents, a matter of honor is involved, and she ought to expect a rumble.

You’ve got to be a Jet all the way, Senator.

June 6, 2009

From My Jugular, Regrets Abound

by Smitty

  This week’s Full Metal Jacket begins with an apology to those who’ve been shorted on the Technorati linkbacks. Technorati may have had some server issues. However, the severl of the idiot savant clonebots responsible on my end had to be sacked. Painful explanation below at [1]. We also have a separate Not Tucker Carlson section. [2]
To work.

  • We’re huge Carol fans here at The Other McCain. No Sheeples Here delights this week, as usual:
  • Instapundit noted the If Obama’s lost Ted Rall post. That post also got some linky-love from Ed Driscoll. Ed also like the Great Budweiser Frog Revival. Jazz Shaw saw the news of the Tiller tragedy here first.
  • Lance Burri seems like a brother. He seems to be settling on Sunday for Rule 2 work. He posits a terrifying log discovery: I hope I don’t start getting hits from people searching “Nancy Pelosi nude.” I think I’d rather stare at Bob’s Cthulhu tattoo. He wonders aloud why Stacy wasn’t reporting from the Latvian blond parade. See, he thought he was going there, but through some strange dyslexia of the ear, ‘Latvia’ became ‘Atlanta’. Could have happened to anyone. Speaking of ‘sexylaid’, why does he mention Little Miss Attila, then link us? I mean, we’re so cheap the price is appalling, but can we legitimately take these clicks? Yes We Can. The Trog linked us en passant in a Monique Stewart/Meghan McCain post. Said he of Monique: “she kinda scares me”. Hey, I just report.
  • His post following the Tiller murder was detailed and went to nine updates. The BlogProf linked us on a huge roundup of Hatef’gate, and also here. No typos with which to play fun word games this week, though. 😉
  • The Daley Gator is on the Saturday roundup team. There was also a substantial Tiller roundup. Finally, he is tracking on omtiG.
  • Donald Douglas, our West Coast Meltdown Correspondent, tracked the Tiller shooting, but moved on to more pleasant topics with the latvian blondes, but playing it even-handed, offered a bit of Hugh Jackman along with a truly staggering list of female bloggers. Wow.
  • Fisherville Mike liked the Frog work, posting that timeless quote: Never hire a ferret to do a weasel’s job.
  • Lead and Gold is back in the mix, linking us on the DealerGate story, as well as offering some Midway linkage. He also enjoyed Stacy weighing in on “the problematic value of conservative intellectuals”.
  • Right of Course linked us in a Sotomayor roundup. This post on the Tiller tragedy had a title tweaking the reaction on the left: “Dr. Tiller dead because O’Reilly wasn’t nice to him.” He then summarizes the week deftly:

    Well, so far this week the blogosphere has been dominated by three main stories and the left has managed to use all three to show just how hypocritical they have become.

  • Dustbury expanded on the Dr. Utopia theme. He also remembered a bumper sticker: I’M PRO-LIFE. I’M AGAINST SHOOTING DOCTORS.
  • The Pirate’s Cove linked the Ted Rall post. He also picked up the Tiller reporting. He lamented the end of Offend a Feminist week while he was posting about the Speaking Truth to 115VAC Power representation of the POTUS.
  • Speaking of Truth to Power, Carol linked us on Pravda. She also may have had something subliminal going on after the Budweiser Frog compilation, but, in my innocence, it remains ambiguous. She also had some thoughtful words about Tiller.
  • Obi’s Sister blames the spam on linking to our Carrie Prejean posts. Note to anyone receiving traffic from this site: only your good click-clicks are belong to us. The bad stuff is probably due to the PuffingtonHost or WaterCatPond or something. Obi’s famous Jedi Academy mentioned us amidst a good rant about the POTUS.
  • Chad at the KURU Lounge has a liesure linkfest called around the moronosphere that seems to snag us quite often. Yes we resemble that! And I hope the opening apology makes up for the tragic omission in previous FMJRAs. And, he’s gotten a successful tweet from Julie Banderas, so he’s got that goin’ for him.
  • NiceDeb had a great Dealergate roundup. She hands out a thumping on the Pravda story: “The thing is, the piece was posted 4/27/09, and Nice Deb linked to it on MAY 5, people!” D’oh! And she had a substantial Tiller roundup.
  • Paco Enterprises caught up with us on Dealergate and the Battle of Midway.
  • The Rude News sprang to RSM’s defense on the Tiller killing. RN also responded forcefully to the nasty Playboy piece, but went the extra distance to complement the ladies individually. And RN pointed to Jamie Kirchick Rule Two-ing.
  • Another Black Conservative linked NTC news (which Rule Two-age we gratefully pick up here) on the topic of Bonnie Erbe. ABC also quoted Stacy at length on Tiller’s killing.
  • Moe Lane fell short of welcoming Ted Rall: “let him rot where he is.”
  • Protein Wisdom’s Tiller roundup features an unusally high amount of lefty links, for the strong of stomach. And Dan also weighed in on the Playboy fracas.
  • Rumblepak linked the Tiller coverage, and went back to RSM’s Don’t Blame Me post during a rumination concerning the POTUS.
  • Pat in Shreveport is done with school and has a retrospective roundup.
  • The Classical Liberal mentions us on a Latvian Blonde post.
  • Stop the ACLU linked the Ted Rall post, along with a roundup of TR’s ‘work’, the titles of which were as bad as this recent Playboy nonsense. We also got linkage on the Tiller killing.

  • In the Single Link section…

  • Andrew Sullivan tags Stacy (for zero-contact values of ‘tag’) “about as far right as one can get” on the subject of Tiller.
  • Pam Gellar notes a “Headline I Wish I’d Thought Of”.
  • Infinite Monkeys: ‘Conservative infighting is from Mars, liberal infighting is from Venus’
  • Crime Scene KC gave linkage on Tiller.
  • Borepatch has three bullet points on the Ted Rall post: Absolutely. Spot. On.
  • Comments from Left Field links us on Tiller. The post has some bait, but I’ll fall short of nibbling.
  • The Conservative Political report had a small Cairo speech roundup
  • Dad29 hat tips the Casey Jones for President post.
  • Director Blue has a categorized link fest, which I’ve also thought of doing with this mess.
  • Dogfight in Bankstown had a Dijongate link.
  • Fish Fear Me also dug the Ted Rall title.
  • Gateway Pundit picked us up on the Tiller story.
  • As did Incertus in a roundup.
  • Just Above Sunset quotes Stacy’s lament on Tiller amidst a lengthy stream of consciousness about the Right’s reaction to pretty much everything. An interesting read.
  • Liberalsmash has a mostly unrefined roundup. Palate cleanser.
  • Novus2 offers a Twitter roundup on Tiller, as well as a pithy summary.
  • Planet Moron laughs at the NYT’s Krugman blaming Reagan for the financial crisis. PM blames Wang Chung. While WC is a sufficiently random target, their only real crime is not being Chickenfoot.
  • Politics and Critical Thinking offers a play-by-play on the Levin flareup, and says some nice things about Stacy.
  • Bill Kristol’s Brain (Or, a blog about nothing) revoked our First Amendment rights concerning Tiller. Thanks.
  • The Rhetorican wonders if the Ted Rall dissent could lead to an Olbermann Short Circuit. I’m curious when Keith ever had a long circuit.
  • Scared Monkeys had more in the same vein on Ted Rall
  • The Socratic Gadfly disputes Ted Rall’s Democratic bona fides.
  • Steynian links us in a roundup the size of which shames this one.
  • Tarpon notes that Ted Rall was a cartoonist.
  • The Western Experience linked us on Tiller.
  • Wizbang Blog alson had Tiller linkage.
  • All Amerrican Blogger picked up the RFC Radio appearance by Stacy.
  • The American Conservative characterizes us as “alternative right”. Sorry the whole pulse thing is too daring for ya, boss.
  • I respectfully disagree with Kathy Shaidle’s diagnosis: “Tiller’s murder sets back pro-life movement twenty years”. The killing was false, brutal, evil, and wrong. However, the unconscionable actions of one no more set back the life movement than, say Senator McCain sets back conservative principles by being a centrist squish. Life is life, and conservativism is common sense. And may the Almighty have mercy on Dr. Tiller.
  • More thoughts in on Tiller at Hyscience.
  • Still more at Islam is War.
  • Back to Sotomayor, there is an interesting rebuttal of conservative hypocrisy at The National Center.
  • The South Texan commiserates on intellectual idiots.
  • Jimmie at The Sundries Shack, NTCNews collaborator and stellar fellow, followed the Tiller case and Left reactions.
  • The un-Liberaled Woman linked us on Howard Dean.
  • Zoominac had a GM Bankruptcy roundup and thoughts.

[1] The python pulls the HTML and saves the good parts to tab-delimited file which I bring in to Excel to save as .xslx which imports more nicely into Access and then goes through a two-phase SQL query with some VBA juicing to polish the output into a flat dump which I then pour into an Emacs session for the real writing. If that sounds like “Rube Goldberg and a Cast of Clonebots Do IT” to you, you’re absolutely right. There was a piece of date criteria in one of the two SQL stages that was rejecting anything more than four days old. IT rule one is that it’s always someone else’s fault, even though IT rule two says that it’s your own better than half the time. Regret all inconvenience.

[2]Special Not Tucker Carlson review:
Number two on Steven Green’s Week in Blogs:

  • Carol dressed one of those cute little sheep in a bowtie, which I’m certain was not a ‘cheater’, since she knows how seriously I take these matters.
  • Ed Driscoll welcomed NTCNews like an old friend.
  • Lance picked up the aggregatin’ like a mofo line.
  • Fisherville Mike had some thoughts about “the Daily Caller”. He offered a further review here once NTC news was open for business.
  • Lead and Gold sounds somewhat territorial about the task of busting Tucker Carlson’s chops. We would like to propose a timeshare arrangement, and I do admit to a bowtie fetish predating knowledge of the bloke.
  • Obi’s Sister greeted the arrival of NTC News.
  • Moe Lane liked it, and had suggestions.

That’s the rap. Please send corrections, updates, and suggestions to Smitty, hit the tip jar, and pray for peace.

Before there is an explosion on the West Coast, we did have linkage this last week from Little Miss Attila on Playboygate. There must be more. Minor state of panic. Where are the URLs?

June 6, 2009

Aw, Lighten Up Dennis

by Smitty

  Dennis the Peasant throws a wet blanket on Roger Simon’s comedy efforts, bashing both the ‘Zo and Steven Crowder.
  Look, I’m not accusing any of the right-of-center people doing comedy, not NewsBusted, not ScrappleFace, not even Day by Day of always being funny. None of these guys are The Monty Python, but is an acorn an oak? I’ll vote in favor of good taste over the nausea of Stewart and Colbert any day.
  Thanks for fighting the good fight, Roger.

June 6, 2009

I’m not sure this was part of the narrative

by Smitty (h/t Instapundit)

The Weekly Standard reports:

Senator Lamar Alexander introduced the “Auto Stock for Every Taxpayer Act” today, which would “require the Treasury to distribute to individual taxpayers all its stock in General Motors (GM) and Chrysler within one year following the emergence of the companies from bankruptcy proceedings.”

I see a few problems with this:

  • The Treasury Department stole those shares fair and square. Loss of the asset could have deleterious effects on various graft, kickback, and corruption schemes. Distributing shares has not been deemed The Right Thing to Do.
  • If people have something to lose, they may cease to vote as if they’ve nothing to lose. Thus, this is a violation of the ‘total enslavement’ doctrine.
  • Some of the lumpentproletariat may even figure out the game, and become harder to manipulate. Heaven forbid, they may even become as educated as someone who went to Yale or Havard, given enough generations. This would not do.
  • Lamar Alexander is a Republican, and thus cannot be permitted to diminish the glow of The One.
  • He Who Must Not Be Named would be displeased.
June 6, 2009

Sign the ACORN petition

by Smitty (h/t Malkin)

The petition

Since 1994, ACORN has received more than $53 million in direct federal funding. And, over the years, ACORN and its employees have also been the subject of investigations, indictments, and consent decrees in states all across the nation for election-related activities that run afoul of the law.

It goes on further. Please consider signing.