Pot, Meet Kettle

It requires an astonishing lack of self-awareness for Glenn Greenwald to write stuff like this:

But this is the right-wing movement at its core: its leaders cynically ratchet up fear levels as high as possible to justify whatever they want to do (invade Iraq, torture people, spy on Americans with no warrants) and their adherents (along with plenty of others) become more and more paralyzed by their fears of anything Muslim. . . .
As damaging as the resulting policies has been from the last eight years of constant fear-mongering, far worse is what it has done to the American national character, turning much of the citizenry into a weak and easily frightened herd, where the mere mention of the word Terrorist — or Muslim — sends people into spasms of fear and blind submission.

And there’s much more in that vein. Greenwald and others on the Left, of course, have spent the past eight years engaged in “contant fear-mongering” of their own, except instead of Muslim terrorists, the Left’s bogeymen are Republicans.

So far, however, American airliners aren’t being hijacked and flown into skyscrapers by Republicans.


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