Does Jeff Goldstein hate Bristol Palin?

All is fair in love, war and comedy, He of the Massive Triceps seems to be saying:

Okay then. I justify it this way:
This is what comedians do — particularly those who are charged with topical humor on a nightly basis. . . .
For good or ill, Bristol Palin’s pregnancy long ago became a public event, and it is part and parcel of the “Sarah Palin” construct Letterman was taking aim at.
What is interesting to me is that, ordinarily, teenage pregnancy — and tacit acceptance of same — is tied to the left. Which is to say, the left generally doesn’t snipe at teen pregnancy as a problematic moral condition.

Trust me, Jeff, I’ve been burned on this flame a time or two. At this point, it’s reasonably safe hatin’ on Levi Johnston, but ixnay on the Istolbray. (BTW, I came this close to trying some ironically nuanced OUTLAW humor here, but decided discretion was the better part of valor.)


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