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June 14, 2009

It’s not every day I quote Krugman

And more or less favorably at that!

In an interview with the British Observer, liberal economist Paul Krugman confronts the possibility that our current economic problems do not lend themselves to a quick fix:

The risk for long stagnation is really high . . .
The size of the shock to our systems is going to be much bigger than what happened to Japan in the 1990s. . . .

Most people seem to believe that the mess we’re in is just an ordinary recession — a few quarters of bad news, and then we’ll be right back on our feet again. The problem with that belief is that the disastrous meltdown of housing values over the past three years is unprecedented in recent American history.

Not since the crash of 1929 has the U.S. economy sustained such a drastic loss of asset value. Recovering from that kind of catastrophe will not be easy or quick, and fully recovery will only be delayed by the kinds of neo-Keynesian approach being pursued by Pelosi, Reid and Obama.

The Fundamentals Still Suck, and The Worse Is Yet To Come.

UPDATE: How bad is it? Joe Biden admits they “guessed wrong” about the stimulus. Heh.

June 14, 2009

Rule 5 Sunday

by Smitty

Rule 5 Sunday, that weekly respite from everything else in favor of appreciation of beauty as such.
When you email Smitty with “Rule 5” in the Subject:, it gets in GMail for this roundup. Filter are cool. I then walk through chronologically and build this post, unless someone has flattered my pathetic ego sufficiently to claw their way to the top. To work.

  • DSM at Reboot Congress suggests Dana Loesch, and we concur.
  • Freakonomics heard about my Catharine Zeta-Jones problem, and played to my weakness
  • Little Miss Attila had her Conservative Cuties roundup, to augment Melissa’s. I’ll take my omission as well-deserved punishment.
  • Donald Douglas contributes Heidi Montag. <rant>One of the actual benefits of a full-on economic crash is that this completely stillborn practice of piercing, may, itself, get a stake in the heart. While I’m not so reactionary as to despise earrings, this whole business of shrapnel in odd places has got to go.</rant>
  • Unexpected contributor Daniel Hannan had a shot of himself with the Iron Lady. Governor Palin: you know whom to emulate.
  • Fisherville Mike artfully works Megan Fox into a post about the VA Democratic Party primary.
  • The Skepticrats features a meditation upon the topic of hair. Follicly challenged as I am, I weep for baldness from one eye and beauty from the other.
  • Freeberg may or may not have posted a picture of himself, for the ladies.
  • rightofcourse, considering the ladies posts an Eastwood clip.
  • Jeffords over at the Eye of Polyphemus has a Cameron Diaz moment. Let’s up the ante, with some NSFW “Cougar Den”, from SNL, with Cameron:
  • Wyblog features Angelina Jolie in the rain. Slightly safer for work than a wet t-shirt contest.
  • Paco remains a favorite contributor. These screen sirens make an important contribution to our argument that Rule 5 is a means of cultural enrichment. Thank you, sir.
  • Lance contributes crucial research in the WTF CA? field:

    And that is what we call selfless devotion to blogging in general, and Rule 5 in particular.

  • Carol contributes a shot of Jeff Chandler. Read the whole post. Tragic end.
  • The Seven Deadly Sins contributes a redhead discussing glowing monkeys. She mentions a YouTube channel. Hmmm.
  • The Rule 5 Compliance Committee at The Camp of the Saints has selected Kim Novak for inclusion this week. Approved as submitted.
  • That sly old Dustbury has committed Original Shin. Spot on, old boy!
  • Pat down in Shreveport is getting Troggy on us with the input.
    • She noted the ouster of Carrie Prejean.
    • She also posted twice on Stormy Daniels, noting:

      she hosted the F.A.M.E. awards this week in Los Angeles. That’s Fans of Adult Media. I mean, if that doesn’t qualify you for a viable Senate run these days, what does?

    I dunno. At a glance, she appears to have had a lot of work done. However, looking at some Congresscritters, has Stormy had enough work done to qualify for the either house? Actually, I’m quite blissful in my ignorance on this one. Please leave that question unanswered.

That’s all for now. Send updates/flames to Smitty, and hit the tip jar, ye ungrateful ones.

June 14, 2009

Bloggregating the Iran election has your Sunday morning round-up. The aggregation is still being updated, and linkage from other bloggers is most enthusiastically encouraged.

This round-up is a good example of the approach to doing round-up coverage on major news stories. Top headlines with brief excerpts and links to news sources, blog reactions and video. Nothing fancy or elaborate, a formula so simple that even dumb bloggers (like me, Smitty and Jimmie Bise Jr.) can do it. Like the slogan says, “More News. Less Money. No Bow Tie.”

Also, no opinion, no attitude and no snark. offers a daily editorial (including guest contributions from bloggers) called “300 Hundred Words Or Less.” Other than that, it’s a Joe Friday “Just-the-facts-ma’am” approach to news blogging. The sidebars are filled with RSS feeds for news sources and bloggers so that, even when we’re not online, the page is continually updated with fresh matterial.

We think it’s pretty cool. Please check it out.

June 14, 2009

Amplifying ‘Zo

by Smitty

Alonzo Rachel has a clip pointing out that Jon Stewart doesn’t mind mentioning the military as an example of the federal government running something well, when it’s useful as a pro-socialized medicine argument. The clip has a hilarious ending when ‘Zo realizes he’s starting to cross the Olbermann Horizon.
Now, set aside the vitriol spewed about the Bush Administration’s handling of Iraq. As a service member, let me elaborate on points Even More Insidious than the ones ‘Zo raises about the military and health care.

  • The military screens out the unfit. This would be like practicing exposure of imperfect infants.
  • The UCMJ makes it perfectly legal to control what you eat, how much you take exercise, take random urinalysis samples in case you had excessive fun last weekend, and so forth.
  • The vast majority of people in military medicine are ousted after 30 years. VA medicine is more a commode than commodious example for Stewart to employ for his argument.

My personal tastes run to the dirt simple. I can tell you that the authoritarian system of the military in general, and military medicine in particular, will suit many people fine. Those 300 pound couch potato dudes are going to have an NCO calmly explain to them to put down the wii controller and fall in for a wee bit of exercise. We’ll all get our American Idol on as we go on a formation run for some jodies. We’ll have a blast. Maybe not Jane Fonda and Joan Baez, but the rest of us. Great team building.
So here is the point: people scale as effectively as politicians deliver on campaign promises. The reason military organizations and military medicine work to the degree they do is that they are grossly authoritarian systems. You may think you will, but you will quickly hate it when Nutrition is not a Private Matter.

June 14, 2009

Further Moronic Jackass Responses Anticipated [Bumped]

by Smitty

This week’s Full Metal Jacket Reach Around goes out to a sad piece of work in New York City. Retire, Letterman: it’s the most honorable thing you can do. As with the bulk of ancient war-horses, however, his descent into the bowels of self-parody shall likely be neither brief nor pleasant.
So let’s talk linky-love instead. In order to keep the author engaged, we’ll see if grouping links by subject affords any excitement.

Non fans of the twit who inspired this week’s backronym:

  • The Eye of Polyphemus
  • Moralia, though I’m tired enough to be unsure whether I’ve guaged the snark correctly.
  • The South Texian drawls some conclusions:

    But I’ll just be damned if I’ll ever give any respect to anyone who feels free to insult those “proles” who don’t inhabit the rarefied echelons of academia or the old media. An academic I may be, but my father is a retired federal law enforcement officer and Marine Corps veteran, and my late brother was a construction worker. For anyone who thinks less of me because of that, I have your due deference right here.

Those who liked last Sunday’s rebuttal of Playboor:

  • Another Black Conservative weighed in on Bonnie Erbe.
  • T-Pundit, who seems to think it would be a slow ride situation.
  • The Blue Collar Republican picked up the AOL side of the story.
  • Tangentially related, Nicedeb’s hat tip to Ace of Spades. I mean, really: how can you not like a dude sharing a name, and dare I say, attitude, with classic Motörhead?

The pack who weighed in on the Publius publication:

Tragedies at a clinic, a recruiting office, and a museum:

  • The Daley Gator, not once but twice.
  • Carolyn Tackett on Tiller and the Holocaust Museum
  • The Conservative Political Report.
  • Zoominac.
  • We have a helpful reminder from Bits of Brain: Only White People Can Be Racist. Ah, it’s all in focus now. Focus. The Conservatives Who Say: Focus!
  • Wizwow noted that von Brunn was a journalism major. What does Janet Napolitano have to say about that?
  • Transterrestrial says:

    You’d almost think that Jeremiah Wright was the guy who shot up the Holocaust Museum.

    Well, no. Employing the First Amendment in arguably tasteless ways is not the same thing as illegally abusing the Second Amendment. Let’s eschew lefty moral equivalencies, Luke: that side of the Force was left in the toaster too long. (And that is about as close as I can get to ‘defending’ Wright.)

  • Douglas mockingly calls for a Neocon Hate Crimes Prevention Act. Nothing short of beheading will halt my thought-crime spree.

Obamacare, soon to lighten a wallet very near you, and other economic seppuku:

Among the ones who dug theObama Job Saver post:

“Please allow me to introduce myself, I’m a blogger of wealth and taste” section:

  • Donald Douglas noted that Stacy didn’t make the 30 best conservative columnists list.
  • Fisherville Mike had sympathies, as well.
  • The gracious Pat in Shreveport even posted a photo of the devil.
  • As American Speedo Power notes, Melissa realized her mistake before she washed her hands of the topic and sealed Stacy’s fate.
  • Paco also picked up the Stacy sympathy meme.
  • The Camp of the Saints: RSM does not suck…He trucks…
    Slaps the pucker/right off Tucker/the lame, insipid/rake-in-the-mucker/Burma Shave

Those who thought the Google riff was notable, and they should, as this was my jape:

Those who remembered us in the context of the Cairo “Everyone was as bad as everyone else, and 2 is morally equivalent to 3, since both are prime numbers” speech:

Those who were willing to overlook a headful of sail fuel in the name of Rule 5 (translation: bothered to note Megan Fox, not that this implies wasting minute #1 on her silly flick)

The eminently tasteful who liked the Corleone Conservatives post:

Little Green Footballs lavishes garish fruit, leaving groups frazzled:

Ones who appreciated Southern by the Grace of God:

Those suffering from post-prejean-partum-pablum:

National Offend a Feminist Week linkage:

The “Chris Matthews is arguably the biggest piece of work in the Country” section:

Reservation Conservatives, and their most convenient disposal:

Ones who enjoyed the ESR quotation:

The Committee to Make Brooks Bashing an Olympic Sport:

The “Can Stacy get his picture taken with Deeds?” Dapartment:

  • Tigerhawk points out how much we Virginians owe Stacy for bumping TMac. Now we just have to get McDonnell elected.
  • Fisherville Mike is on board with the photo op.

Special mention:

  • Obi’s Sister increased the attractiveness of a photo containing Stacy McCain.
  • Moralia’s been blogging for a year.
  • Steynian, who still shames my roundup-fu.
  • Dustbury three word commentary. Like dieting haiku!
  • Also, Paco: “A fine oration.” So hire RSM for a speech, unless you prefer someone who’ll help with your insomnia.
  • Adirenne’s Catholic Corner requests a Smitty. There has been some consultation on the topic, but my brother, while close, prefers his Harley to a web browser.
  • The Political Castaway links us while listing Top 6 Questions for TOTUS. For rather large values of 6.
  • Sarah at Blue Shelled thinks that Only Kindness Matters. Lady, kindness is founded upon reciprocity. Your attention is drawn to Game Theory. Kindness matters in an ultimate, theological sense. If you can’t maintain the focus on this in the face of severe strain, things will not go well, I fear.
  • No Runny Eggs lists Stacy for Rule 5 Czar, though all the power has been delegated to the Porch Manqué Czar.
  • The Nashville Post on Pastor Wright: The hits just keep on comin’
  • The Track-a-‘Crat noted us while giving you some Greg Morton linkage, in case you missed that genius.
  • Fisherville Mike understands the explosive demand for fireworks.

NOTE FROM RSM: My colleague Smitty text-messages that this FMJ Saturday roundup is incomplete, due to real-life commitments which cannot be evaded. So if you didn’t get the linky-love you were expecting, please link yourself up in the comment fields and we’ll see if we can’t make up the FMJRA Rule 2 factor at some future point.
Meanwhile, patriotic contributions to the Emergency Fireworks Fund are gratefully appreciated. Even a greedy capitalist blogger like me wouldn’t want to be accused of selling linky-love, but . . .

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