More questions for Secretary Geithner

As predicted, some of the best reporting on the Barofsky/Geithner feud is coming from financial reporters:

The watchdog charged with investigating fraud in the government bailout programs is feuding with the Treasury Department about who he answers to.
The question revolves around whether Treasury should play any role supervising Neil Barofsky, the special inspector general overseeing the $700 billion Troubled Asset Relief Program.
Since Barofsky took the job in December, he has launched at least 20 criminal investigations and six audits looking for wasted dollars. . . .
Barofsky said the question came up in early April when he sought to interview a Treasury attorney about the department’s role in controversial bonus payments made to the unit of American International Group . . . responsible for that company’s downfall. . . .

There’s much more, so read the whole thing. The criminal investigations are important, because any interference in such investigations could be considered obstruction of justice. And the Treasury angle to the IG probe bears close watching, because Geithner’s starting to look like an excellent candidate to become the next guy under Obama’s bus.


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