Blame the NRCC

The Waxman-Markey Monstrosity From Hell That Will Destroy the American Economy passed the House by a vote of 219-212 last night while I was attending the inaugural Smittypalooza.

If only four votes had gone the other way, the monstrosity would have been defeated by a 216-215 vote. Therefore, it is entirely appropriate that Michelle Malkin has named the eight Republicans who voted for it. And I’ve got four words for the National Republican Congressional Committee:

Not One Red Cent.

We’ve already said Not One Red Cent for the National Republican Senatorial Committee because Sen. John Cornyn and the NRSC betrayed the GOP grassroots in Florida. Now, add the NRCC to the list.

What’s the point of giving money to the national party if, on key votes, Republican members of the House are indistinguishable from Nancy Pelosi?

Why give money to the campaign committee whose job is to re-elect these RINO sellouts?

  • Mary Bono Mack, California
  • Mike Castle, Delaware
  • Mark Kirk, Illinois
  • John McHugh, New York
  • Frank LoBiondo, New Jersey
  • Leonard Lance, New Jersey
  • Dave Reichert, Washington
  • Chris Smith, New Jersey

Unless and until all eight of these swine announce their retirements — or are defeated in next year’s primaries — I say the grassroots answer to the NRCC should be NOT ONE RED CENT!

Who’s with me?

UPDATE: Michelle Malkin links. In the comments, my moderate Republican friend Joe Marier argues:

NJ Republicans in danger of getting redistricted out don’t vote against the AFL-CIO, and neither do aspiring Senators in Delaware and Illinois.
Final challenge: name the 8 seats you will take back in exchange for those.
Let these eight get beat by Club For Growth-backed primary challengers, and figure the GOP would still win at least half of the subsequent general elections.

The belief that there is some sort of political security for blue-state Republicans in parroting Sierra Club propaganda and trying to buddy up to the AFL-CIO is akin to the college boy’s belief that he can score with a Women’s Studies major by espousing feminist cant. In all likelihood, she’s a lesbian, but even if she weren’t, why on earth would she be interested in the kind of guy who blabbers on about feminism?

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