More Crazy Cousin Misadventures!

Naming this blog “The Other McCain” was intended as clarification: I’ve never sponsored an amnesty bill, voted for a bailout, or ran a campaign so disastrously wrongheaded as to result in the election of Barack Obama. And then there’s Crazy Cousin John’s Twitter-happy idiot daughter:

I love people that tell me “I’m doing damage to the GOP”, yeah cause Donald Rumsfeld, Karl Rove, Sen. Ensign, Gov Sanford and the entire Bush administration have nothing to do with the GOP’s problems, no…it’s my 5″1 ass in a pushup bra thats the real problem with the GOP…

Your writing ability is nearly as bad as your judgment, Cuz.

Want to discuss the history of the Republican Party, Megan? Let’s go back to 1997, when your father decided to position himself to run as a centrist for the 2000 presidential campaign.

Maverick moved rightward in 1994-96 (his ACU rating averaging 94 those three years) as he evidently believed that might make him more appealing as a GOP vice-presidential contender. Alas, the Republican Party apparently felt that by nominating the worthless sellout Bob Dole, they had filled their necessary quota of crabby old war heroes.

Like David Brooks, however, McCain seems to have taken away from the Dole’s doomed ’96 campaign was that being a worthless sellout was the ticket to success in the GOP. Thus, Maverick’s ACU rating fell to an average 76.5 for 1997-2000.

It was the transparently unprincipled “centrism” of McCain that made it so easy for Karl Rove to position George W. Bush as the Real Conservative in the 2000 GOP primaries. And McCain’s petulant response to the predictable failure of his own idiotic strategy should have permanently ended his presidential aspirations.

After his campaign went virtually bankrupt in mid-2007, it seemed the Maverick had squandered his last opportunity. His campaign was revived, however, with the assistance of MSM liberals who knew John McCain far better than some of his own clueless supporters knew him. Trust me, Meghan, your father’s habit of “privately” disparaging grassroots GOP voters is no secret in the press corps.

Republican “leaders” whose only principle is their contempt for Republican voters? Yeah, we know the type. We also now why that type of Republican is so beloved by Eleanor Clift, James Fallows, Tina Brown, Graydon Carter and Pinch Sulzberger.

Let’s take a close look at those folks you name-checked, shall we, Cuz? When Donald Rumsfeld was nominated as Secretary of Defense, he enjoyed your father’s enthusiastic (public) support and, if your father ever questioned the rationale of the Iraq invasion, I don’t remember him ever mentioning his doubts in 2002-03. Say what you will about Karl Rove, Meghan, but your liberal friends spend several months last year accusing your father of “Rovian” tactics. Maybe your liberal friends are wrong, but . . . well, when did you ever criticize a liberal?

Ensign and Sanford? Let’s not go there, sugar.

You and Chris Buckley enjoy yourselves the next time Tina Brown throws a party for The Republicans Who Really Matter. Ask the bartender to fix you a special drink called the STFU Cocktail.

You need it. Bad. And be sure to buy one for Gail Gitcho, who worked for your father’s campaign and, sources say, spent Election Night 2008 partying as if she hadn’t a care in the world. The professional architects of defeat get paid to produce these disasters.

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