Jon Stewart and analogies

by Smitty (h/t No Quarter)

Jon Stewart (suddenly I feel even stupider for botching the spelling of Monique Stuart’s name) is a useful idiot par excellence.
One is nearly capable of admiring such a Soldier of Stupidity. He has demonized Bush and Cheney with the best of them. He has worshipped at the altar of Hopium and Changeeba like a champ. But he has the special, difficult task of making Pavarotti sound like P-Diddy to the young, thoughtless nitwit demographic.
If the task wasn’t so antithetical to the Constitution as understood by any sober reader, stuff like this would possibly be funny:

The only reason Nixon picked Spiro Agnew is that his name is an anagram for “grow a penis”.
Without that guy being a very funny distraction, Nixon has no time to do Watergate.

So, the SAT question/answer might read: Nixon and Agnew are to Watergate as Obama and Biden are to IG-gate?


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