Fred Thompson Clips

by Smitty

Roundup of clips from his show today. Voting for him in the Republican Primary was a real treat last year. Granted, he was out of the race, but what a refreshing thing, to vote one’s conscience! So, if this draws comments, I’ll see about rounding him up more often. Nothing earth-shaking here, but so well delivered. If you’ve only time for one, recommend the first.

  • Lightning Round. This edition of the lightning Fred and Jeri talk about; Iran, Cap-and-Trade, David Letterman, North Korean inspections, democrats claim that cap-and-trade will generate jobs.
  • Family Values Rant. Fred Thompson discusses how the liberal press is obsessed with the idea that the Republican Party can’t claim to be the party of family values anymore and that “preachy republicans” can’t be critical over the left’s stance on family values. Fred asks the questions: Who are these “preachy republicans,” and why is there this concept that democrats should get a free pass just because they aren’t known for their family values.
  • Scandals are a bipartisan issue. Fred Thompson talks about how the corruption and scandal issues in the political world are bipartisan and how he resents how the media latches on to the scandal when it is a republican but not so much when it is a democrat.
  • Winners and Losers. The Winners for this segment are; is the U.S chamber of commerce for requesting an additional review of the EPA’s finding that would regulate green house emissions, calling the data “cherry picked.” The other Winner for today is Tom Menino, the mayor of Boston, for changing his opposition to charter schools.
    The Losers for this segment are; Illinois Representative Mark Kirk, for voting with 7 other republicans for the cap-and-trade legislation. The other loser is the Argentina power couple President Christina Fernandez and her husband former president Nestor Kirchner for losing control over the congress. Looks like even Chavez couldn’t help them out

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