Franken and the future

by Smitty

NTCNews notes the Minnesota Supreme Court results adding another superstar of Roland Burris proportions to the US Senate.
The Minnesota blog of record, PowerLine, has the sober, mature review. A less sober, immature view of situtations like this is to be found here, [NSFW]:

What to do? Thoughts include:

  • Tea Party participation. Got plans?
  • Supporting Republican gubernatorial candidates in NJ and VA.
  • Going Galt on the economy.
  • Venting on effingconservatives as required. Unload your Tourettes impulses there in the comments with us.
  • Make Congresscritters sick of hearing from me.

I submit that there will never be a more critical period, and few equals, as the next 18 months of US history. Since we’ve now crossed the imaginary legislation horizon, we’ve a sewage-like stream of liberal nightmares moving towards us. That which we do or fail to do is going to have grave consequences. I submit that the seemingly empathetic twist with which shenanigans in Iran and Honduras are viewed by this administration may be a hound of ill omen for our own future.


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