‘Questions that any sane person would ask’

Dr. Andrew Sullivan, M.D., OBY-GYN, is an expert on these questions, you know.

Utterly lacking self-awareness, but yet still an expert on the care and treatment of pregnant Republicans. He is genuinely concerned about the health and well-being of pregnant Republicans and their children.

To quote the same eminent expert: “Words fail.”

Via Memeorandum, more at American Power, Jammie Wearing Fool and Daley Gator.

This evening, my wife asked me to ride along while she drove to pick up our 16-year-old twin sons, who work on the grounds crew for the Hagerstown Suns baseball team.

The “how was your day” question is kind of weird for a blogger to explain, and I began by trying to describe Ken Layne’s attack on Trig Palin — quite stunning to my wife. Still, she disapproved of my use of a certain 10-letter compound word to describe Ken Layne. (Me, defending the word choice: “But I meant it literally.”)

OK, so maybe Layne should be called Ace’s “unobjectionable, family-friendly” phrase, rather than the offensive compound word. To-may-to, to-mah-to.

After more explanation to my wife, she wondered why Palin continues to be attacked in such a personal manner. Exactly. I erupted in exasperation: “What is it with these people? We’re eight months past the election and more than three years away from the next one and yet, day after day, they find excuses to attack her!”

Speaking of “the questions that any sane person would ask”: Whiskey Tango Foxtrot?

There are many Palin-related questions to which I would like an answer. Among them: Why hasn’t the horribly mutilated corpse of Levi Johnston been fed to the wolves?

Am I “any sane person”? Of course not. Neither is Sully. He is a victim of “MSM journalists [who] have devoted their efforts to demonizing any journalist who tries” to ask the questions that any sane person would ask.

The student of logic pictures the Venn diagram with two non-intersecting circles. Circle A represents a category including “MSM journalists” and Circle B includes “any sane person,” i.e., people obsessed with the circumstances surrounding the birth of Trig Palin.

So you are crazy, while the Atlantic Monthly Memorial Hospital’s chief resident in obstetrics, Dr. Andrew Sullivan M.D., OB-GYN, is perfectly sane. His opinions are a Rorshach test; if you look at the inkblot and see something other than Truth, you’re nuts.

Amazingly simple, isn’t it? His Venn diagram categories are beyond argument, because he is an expert.

As opposed to, say, Pundette. She’s only given birth to seven children, what does she know? Pundette may look at the circumstances of Palin’s pregnancy and come to different conclusions. Palin was a woman in her 40s, with a stressful job, pregnant with her fifth child, attending an event in a faraway state, begins leaking amniotic fluid . . .

Hey, Pundette, do you think maybe emotion was involved in the ensuing events? Do you think that actions by Palin which strike Dr. Sullivan as inexplicable might have seemed entirely appropriate to a woman in such difficult circumstances? And do you understand why maybe the governor doesn’t wish to discuss those circumstances and her actions with a guy from the Anchorage Daily News?

“Governor, let’s talk about your uterus . . .”

Pundette lacks the expertise necessary to discuss these matters with the authority of Dr. Sullivan.

And she probably wouldn’t want to disagree with him, because if you disagree with Dr. Sullivan, you’re crazy.


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