Stand by for Homelessness by Fall

by Smitty

Bertha Lewis, national president of the Association of Community Organizers for Reform Now (ACORN), issued a news release yesterday repeating a claim she has previously made that “every 13 seconds another American family loses its home.”

Household loss rate (1/13sec) 0.076923077
seconds per year 31556926
households in US 105480101
seconds remaining of US housing 8,113,853.923 sec (househods * loss rate)
years of housing left 0.257118007 years, say 3 months (8,113,853.923 sec / 31,556,926 sec*year^-1)

This Fall, the entire country could be out on the streets. But I think I know somebody who may have a job opportunity:
Hola, amigos! You say you want me to work on your senseless?

Calvin Dodge correctly identifies the flaw in the comments.
So, am I an idiot, or is this post nothing but a troll, or both?

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