Did I ever mention . . .

. . . that Keynesian “pump priming” doesn’t work?

[P]ressure is growing to do more to reverse job losses. In January, during the Obama transition, Council of Economic Advisers Chairman-designee Christina Romer and Obama economic adviser Jared Bernstein predicted in a report that with an $800 billion stimulus, the unemployment rate would be just about 7% by this time. Without the stimulus, the rate would be at 9%.
Instead, the jobless rate is now at 9.5%, despite the $787 billion stimulus passed earlier this year.

Read the whole thing. And you can read more on the economic meltdown at NTCNews.

This is classic: Now that their wrong-headed economic theories have made a bad situation much worse, the Obamanauts naturally think the problem is that they haven’t done enough.

It Won’t Work. The Fundamentals Suck. Weimar America.


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