Feedback for Jimmie, too

by Smitty

I was just questioning the near-term focus of Power Line. Turning attention to Jimmie at the Sundries Shack,

Barnes aimed at the wrong target entirely. Instead of counting out Palin because of her perceived shortcomings, he should have been targeting the Republican Party establishment for running so many boring nominees.

Boring, or too Progressive?

The GOP has been very lucky since Ronald Reagan but, as Barack Obama proved, luck only lasts until the other guys find your weak point.

I don’t think luck exists, in an existential sense, or is politically relevant. You can argue that, tactically, the GOP had to run Bushes to win the White House. But I’d argue this has to do with having ceded the ground to the Progressives. Lack of Constitutional grounding did that to the GOP in a strategic sense.

The simple truth is that people don’t want experience and know-how nearly as much as they want someone who inspires them and demonstrates enough charisma to catch and hold people’s attention.

I don’t dispute the realpolitik of this, but there has to be an educational commitment on all our part if there’s ever to be improvement past that nitwit (troll?) commenter Anna on your thread.

Sarah Palin does both of those things, which is why I think it’s extremely foolish for conservative pundits and the Republican Party to slam the door on her now.

If those pundits are preferring a Progressive GOP candidate (say, Romney) to keep their sorry butts employed, then their moves are completely rational.

J.R.Dunn comes to the same conclusion, except that he doesn’t see the GOP getting the point until after 2012. He thinks Sarah could very well be ready by then, but the party will not be even close to ready for her.

Hey, you know, up the GOP. They’ve been saying toe-may-toe to the Democrats toe-mah-toe for so long that we’re now enjoying the Obama Administration. Doom on us.
I really don’t care who represents the traditional, Constitutional bent of American politics expressed in the Tea Party movement. The Tea Parties, overall, may be slightly pale, but that, too, is a function of needing to educate the rest of the spectrum of peoples in this great country as to what it’s all about. And it’s absolutely not about failed Euro-socialism.
I hope that this has not been a Helpy Helperperson post.

The Vodkapundit’s Hair of the Dog segment mostly summarizes Sarah Palin on the Sunday talking head shows, generally to negative effect. However, juxtaposing Mike Mullen and George C. Scott’s Patton is worth a “heh.”


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