Somebody stimulate the GOP, please

by Smitty

Here they go again, missing the real point, either by omission or commission.
Somebody point Representative Boehner to The Other McCain, please. Consider the following:


“The Recovery Act was designed to make sure that local school districts didn’t lay off teachers, and fire fighters, and police officers…”

The GOP tacitly accedes the debate about responsibility for these things to the Federal Government. In defense of the GOP, That’s the Way Things Have Been. Stuff that.

What the GOP should be saying:
This represents the fallacious Progressive thinking that has systematically damaged the Constitution of these 50 States United.
Amendment 10 explicitly says:

‘The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.’

The fact that Washington DC has acquired so much power at the expense of the States since the First World War is the overarching cause of the current crisis, ye knuckleheads. Increasing Federal power is not the solution.

DC has neither the capability nor the Constitutional basis for effective local management of teachers, fire fighters, or police. Via the short-circuiting effect of Amendment 16, DC enjoys recreational tinkering and micromanagement of a pointy-haired, Dilbert-ian style. The 111th Congress has currently achieved the luxury of voting for non-existent legislation, and explicitly laughs at the thought of actually reading bills that will expand its reach directly into the very beating hearts of American citizens.

Altering the course of the ship of state away from Socialist Shoals and back out to the free, High Seas is going to require conscious effort on the part of Americans. We must elect sober leaders who understand the difference between ‘promote the general Welfare‘ and ‘put everyone on Welfare’. We need the States to look after people, and the Federal government to police the States.

In terms of the means employed to stimulate the GOP, I’d like to flog them with a rolled up copy of the Constitution. Tasers and cattle prods, which also come to mind, are best left in the background, for punctuation. For now.

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