Oh Pat, you just don’t understand

by Smitty

Pat in Shreveport just doesn’t understand the nature of the Progressive Heaven which our current administration shall usher forth.

Military medicine isn’t cheap, but service members are all volunteers, serving in an overtly authoritarian regime with abridged civil rights.

Thus, if it can be shown to reduce costs, there will be a lawful order passed that the smoking lamp is secured.

Should you feel sufficiently oppressed, you’re free to eject from the regime at the end of your enlistment, or resign your commission, as the case may be. But this is merely the a hint of the kind of shenanigans we’ll enjoy once government-run health care extends beyond the healthy young volunteers of the military to cover everyone in the country.

The good news for the Obama Administration is that is shall be long gone from office (modulo an unforeseen Honduran surprise) before long. Long before citizens who’ve paid and paid and paid their taxes for a medical system which they didn’t need so badly in their youth makes a comparative effectiveness decision with negative consequences for them.

The problem with this Progressive Heaven which we’re entering is that, like other after-life discussions, there is no cooling off period. This could be highly desirable, when the destination reveals itself to be Hell.


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