‘Mommy Alone Time’

Politics? Exclusive news? Yeah, but then you see something like this and say, “Awwwww!”

Every day, as I go about my daily activities, I notice little things about my girls. I notice the things that they like and enjoy, I notice the things that they take pleasure in doing…I notice that they each crave spending time with just me…to get some “Mommy Alone Time.” (That is what my seven year-old calls it.) And, it is important to me to give them that time…time dedicated to listening to the things they want to tell me, time to instruct individually, time to be a Mother to each one.

That particular blog, Life Worth the Living, is by a Tennessee family with three young children. I was trying to clean out the overflow in my e-mail inbox — man, do I need an intern! — and just happened to come across a request for a Rule 1 clarification.

It’s late, I’m tired, and can barely focus my eyes, but . . . but there are no accidents. So, I’ll link the magic Little Miss Attila, and suggest that my new blogger friends e-mail Smitty, who can explain everything. Also, I’m thinking Pundette might want to throw some traffic around today.

UPDATE: Why stop there? Michelle Malkin’s a mommy, too. I betcha The Boss might want to throw some linkage at “Mommy Alone Time.” And I can think of at least one blogger in Middle Tennessee . . .


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