Almost as creepy as Joe Biden

Some freak took nude video of ESPN reporter Erin Andrewsthrough a peephole, undressing in a hotel room — and put it on the Internet.

Ick. Just . . . Ick. Like Dan Riehl and Don Surber, I had no clue who Erin Andrews is before this incident. I feel wrong even blogging about, and I’m notoriously shameless when it comes to traffic enhancement.

My good friend Stogie at Saberpoint blames me for Donald Douglas’ aggregation on this story. I have no interest in watching the video and just now saw Dr. Douglas’s post.

Criminal voyeurism isn’t sexy. Nevertheless, crime is news, and the fact that so many people felt the need to comment on it just goes to show why the most famous headline in history was the New York Post’s “HEADLESS BODY IN TOPLESS BAR.” Or, as Hunter S. Thompson observed in Hell’s Angels, “Every editor loves a good rape.”

Maybe this is another example of how New Media helps demystify what Old Media has been doing for years. Dr. Douglas shows you the strings in the puppet show — “Look, I’m shamefully exploiting prurient interest!” — and you say, “That’s disgusting!”

OK, so next time Greta Van Sustern flies off to a tropical island to search for the missing blonde teenager . . .


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