What Obama Says When OnlyLiberals Are On the Conference Call

Dan Riehl caught this notebook account:

Doing nothing is defending the indefensible
Opponents are offering up nothing and admit that they are just trying to stop it. He mentioned Jim DeMint and Bill Kristol as examples of obstructionism.
Liberal Bloggers have done an excellent job of debunking right wing myths…
Bloggers have played and will play a critical role in passing legislation.

John Amato of Crooks and Liars was the JournoLister stupid enough to transcribe Obama’s marching orders to the troops, even going so far as to provide audio.

Note once more Obama’s habit of debating straw men who favor doing “nothing,” as if “nothing” were the only possible alternative to the Democratic plan of shoveling another trillion or two of borrowed money out the door to pay for a Rube Goldberg contraption of innovation-strangling bureaucracy.

Exit question: Does anybody think Democrats will support “transparency” on ObamaCare any more than they support “transparency” on the TARP bailout?

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