Gov. Rick Perry Mentions he Might Shove The 10th Amendment Up Washington’s Legislative Chute

by Smitty

[NSFW] Daphne raises the possibility of a flaming prostate check for the Obama Administration. He is, after all, number (I) Won.

The Star-Telegram has a slightly less flammable presentation of the story.

Interviewed by conservative talk show host Mark Davis of Dallas’ WBAP/820 AM, Perry said his first hope is that Congress will defeat the plan, which both Perry and Davis described as “Obama Care.” But should it pass, Perry predicted that Texas and a “number” of states might resist the federal health mandate.

“I think you’ll hear states and governors standing up and saying ‘no’ to this type of encroachment on the states with their healthcare,” Perry said. “So my hope is that we never have to have that stand-up. But I’m certainly willing and ready for the fight if this administration continues to try to force their very expansive government philosophy down our collective throats.”

Perry, the state’s longest-serving governor, has made defiance of Washington a hallmark of his state administration as well as his emerging re-election campaign against U.S. Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison in the 2010 Republican primary. Earlier this year, Perry refused $555 million in federal unemployment stimulus money, saying it would subject Texas to long-term costs after the federal dollars ended.

Tactically, killing Obamacare is a save-my-brainer. Strategically, though, one hopes that the country realizes that Obamacare is as AFU as every other a-Federalist, pro-tyranny, Progressive idea that has spewed forth from both sides off the aisle since FDR.
I’m not sure where the contemporary Rick Perry was when Social Security arose, zombie-like, to start devouring the essence of America. Such a fellow may have been Amish.

To pay social security tax, the Amish say, is to admit that the government has a responsibility for aged Amish members, and to admit this is to deny the faith. They know that this alliance with government would make future generations dependent on the government. Federal means of providing for these needs are viewed as purely secular, if not sinful.

Thus, one hopes that the Federalism Amendment continues to gather steam.


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