Rule 5 Sunday

by Smitty

Rule 5 Sunday returns, injured, but intact. There has been a Google Bomb explosion, and it has made a casualty of one participant. We renew our commitment to good times, and cheery cheesecake that is fun, positive, tasteful, and, above all, not subject to legal action.

  • The WyBlog challenges my memory. I’ve seen S. Wright live a couple times. While hilarious, I don’t recall Wright as cute. The other day I…no, that wasn’t me. And then he includes the classic Blotto track, “I Wanna Be A Lifeguard” pursuant to his beach vacation.
  • Fishersville Mike pushes the envelope on Rule 5 with the Lady of the Sea.
  • Bob’s Bar ‘n’ Grill retains a commitment to incorrigibility.
  • Paco submits a classic Matha Tilton clip, but more formally points to Rita Hayworth.
  • Deuce at the Skepticrats links Christina Hendricks in a Rule 5’2″ bombshell sort of way.
  • Troglopundit, international man of babe curiousity, has some Ukranian and German examples.
  • The ladies aren’t contributing like they used to, but here is Miss Celania with a fun pic about men.
  • Jeffords sets up a Rule 5 duel between Scarlett Johanson and Gwyneth Paltrow.
  • The Classic Liberal suggests Kristanna Loken.
  • Three Beers Later has a Beach Souveniers post, and some Natalie Wood as well. We’re going to need a full surf rock moment after that first cip.

That’s your Rule 5 roundup. Send your links to Smitty. More contributions from the ladies sought.

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