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August 2, 2009

Rule 5 Sunday

by Smitty

Rule 5 Sunday is upon us. And who would happen to be here to kick it off with a wonder discussion of ladies getting lovlier but the PJTV Trifecta.
Even though Stacy and I have been going over the entire concept of simple, positive appreciating of lovliness for a while now, these guys, Scott Ott in particular, lay down a wonderful lesson in just a few minutes that should be lost on none of us.

  • VodkaPundit introduced the Trifecta clip mentioned above with an Angelina Jolie pic.
  • Anorak is reporting that Jude Law is to become a father again by Samantha Burke. On a significant day. The question is whether this baby will be named “Stacy” upon arrival.
  • Three Beers Later has a couple of Swedish Bikini Team pics. The latter has not so much bikini and is NSFW in more respectable locations.
  • Paco, head of the Classical Rule 5 Research Department, contributes Virginia O’Brien. Ah, squids in dress whites. I have a few pictures of my own to get scanned.
  • The Classic Liberal provides an overview of the whole BikiniFest.
  • Rightofcourse heckles the judge for the premature ejaannouncement of the winner. Officially, I had to be in Chicago for a classmate’s wedding. And Jeffords had guessed the Cosmic Winner. And we needed to build up posts for Sunday. Do I get understanding? No, I get nothing but a bitch. *sigh*
  • The Camp of the Saints goes retro, as is his wont, with a Natalie Wood roundup. And then, showing Rightofcourse the proper way to heckle the judge, lays down a Raquel Welch roundup with which one cannot argue. “The Greatest Lady ever to don a bikini…” I could plead brunettes to redheads, pressing my Phoebe Cates claim, but the point here is that there just isn’t a need to argue.

Here endeth the lesson.
Tomorrow, one hopes to return to the the FMJRA post that has been tragically delayed. But when you consider the heroic act of pity upon my friend J that was carried out in Chicago late Friday afternoon, you have to see that some things like marrying off an old buddy are worth delaying an FMJRA post.
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August 2, 2009


Dennis Zaki Asks: ‘Where’s My Pony?’

“Confimed by multiple sources?” As if . . .

August 2, 2009

Bozo the CNN Stringer

All Dennis Zaki needs is a red nose and floppy shoes:

Having touted these “multiple sources” in his lede, Zaki neither quotes, paraphrases nor describes them at any later point in the item. Nor is there so much as a “could not be reached for comment” indicating that he had attempted to get the Palins to verify what he heard from these mysterious “multiple sources” (who for all we know are his wife’s hairdresser, the shoeshine man at the bus station and a night-shift clerk at the second-largest convenience store in Wasilla.)
Ask any newspaper editor in the country whether he would dare publish a story that alleged so much on the basis of so little. Among the Old School editors for whom I worked was the legendary Wes Pruden of The Washington Times. Wes would have personally fired any reporter who ever turned in such a smelly pile of steaming nonsense, which wouldn’t have gotten past any assistant metro-desk editor who valued his paycheck. . . .

Please read the whole thing, Mrs. Palin. Even the jokes have been “confirmed by multiple sources.”

Thanks for the earlier linkage from Carol at No Sheeples Here, Wizbang, Darleen Click at Protein Wisdom, Jimmie Bise at Sundries Shack, TigerHawk, Fishersville Mike, and Dan Riehl. And go give a big blog-birthday hug to Pat at And So It Goes In Shreveport.

UPDATE: Thanks to Tim Lindell of Conservatives For Palin, serving as the blogospheric equivalent of the copy desk. If I’m going to rip this clown a new one, I guess it probably helps to spell his name right, huh?

Tim also has the complete roundup, including smackdowns of Politico‘s Jonathan Martin, who actually blamed Palin for denying Zaki’s smear.

So vicious smear artists like Zaki and his buddy Gryphen can post any calumny they want, puff it up with talk about their “sources,” get linked all over the left-wing blogsphere, and if Palin bothers to deny it, she’s the bad guy?

We are grateful to Jonathan Martin for providing this clarification of the Politico‘s ethical standards.

URGENT UPDATE 2:14 a.m. 8/2: This just in — “multiple sources confirm” that Jonathan Martin recently raped a chihuahua.

No criminal charges were filed, because the chihuaua didn’t even notice . . .