I guess I’m sort of a Birther…

by Smitty

UPDATE: of course I meant 44th POTUS, not 43rd.

How can you deny the documentation? The facts? The history? After you consider

  • Kneecappin’Trade
  • The Healthcare Prevention Legislation
  • Cash for Clunkers

I just don’t see how anyone can begin to deny that all the POTUS’s ideas have Born in Keynesia written all over them.

OK, everyone put the blunt instruments down and listen to me. Barack Obama has been sworn in as the the 44th POTUS by the Chief Justice of the SCOTUS. That’s just the way it (ahem) is. There are plenty of worthwhile questions pertaining to school records and such. Focus on those. They’re legitimate. They’re interesting. They’re the due diligence that magically didn’t happen pre-election.

Winning generals don’t pick crappy ground for the battle. Even if you could show that Barack Obama was really a sweet transvestite from Trans-sexual, Transylvania, it wouldn’t matter. He’s sworn in. You can’t get the 111th Congress to deal honestly with the 10th Amendment, and that’s cut and dried. Getting all of DC to admit, in the purely-for-argument’s-sake-case that birtherism is valid, that DC had completely screwed up is simply impossible. Crow on that scale is inedible. So quit the pissing into the wind, people.

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