Don’t Threaten Dan, Griffin

Dan Riehl and I have an agreement to work together on the Jesse Griffin story. If we hadn’t both been so blind with exhaustion today, we might have agreed to go with what we had about 6 p.m.

Me? You can ask anybody who’s ever worked with me, I’m a hotheaded loose cannon. Dan is sensibly cautious, and here is one very important fact: I would never want to have Dan Riehl angry at me. Never threaten such a man:

As I’ve just received a threat which seems to be from Jesse Griffin and suggests lawyers are already involved, please refrain from making any comments here that suggest Jesse Griffin is guilty of any crime, particularly as regards children. I have suggested no such thing.

That is correct. I’ve got no idea what has been suggested. But let me explain something an editor told me a long time ago, “As long as you’ve got your facts right, they can’t touch you.” Please don’t even try that threatening crap with me, Griffin.


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