THE GRYPHEN FILES:Notes on the Delay

Given the unexpected delay in publication of the reports that Dan Riehl and I have been working on, I have asked and received permission from Dan to do what I had been planning to do before, namely examine the bogusness of the “reporting” provided by Jesse Griffin and Dennis Zaki.

However, I wanted to begin with a note apologizing for the delay, which unfortunately led to threats from Griffin. As I told you last night, Griffin, Dan Riehl is not a man you want to make angry. Dan has now posted the text of the e-mail, and please pay attention to this paragraph of Griffin’s e-mail:

And hey for future reference if you think an allegation or rumor is incorrect then just wait it out and make fun of the person after it proves to be false. That keeps your integrity intact and makes you seem like the better man.

When Dan read me that sentence last night, I became furious. “Integrity”? You phony loser, you think you are the guy to lecture people about “integrity”?

Collaborating on this project has been extremely difficult. There are very important considerations, and Dan doesn’t want to mess up.

One reason Dan decided to hit the brakes yesterday was that we’d both been working practically non-stop since Saturday and needed some sleep. Trying to coordinate action between two blogs required a lot of e-mail and phone calls.

We were both extremely irritable, and I was getting impatient. Delaying the story would make it seem as if we were bluffing or threatening. So I had to fight the temptation of saying, “Aw, the hell with it” — just start publishing stuff and let Dan worry about his own end of it. But that would make Dan angry, and I don’t want to make Dan angry.

While I was asleep last night, however, there were new developments which will now require further delays.

Grrrrrr. I’m missing out on other stories I should be covering. Tomorrow, no matter what, I’m going to Capitol Hill to get back on IG-Gate. No doubt Byron York will scoop me again because of this distraction caused by Griffin and Zaki, the Woodward and Bernstein of Anchorage. But look at what Griffin says in his e-mail:

By the way watch the local Alaskan papers closely for the next week, you may learn something.

See? Griffin remains obsessed with taking down Palin and asserting his own superiority by insinuating he knows things nobody else does. That little innuendo is Griffin saying, “I’m smarter than you. I’m smarter than Palin. I’m smarter than everybody. Hahaha.”

So . . . wait.

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