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August 7, 2009

Best Wishes, Jenny Sanford

by Smitty (h/t Alan Colmes)

Alan reports that Jenny Sanford is headed back to Charleston for the school year. God strengthen you, lady. Hopefully, “From there we will continue to work on the process of healing our family” will translate into a divorce avoided.
Sanford: resign, fix your mess.

August 7, 2009

Rahm’s Grasp of Democracy

by Smitty (h/t PuffHo)

In the military, blue-on-blue is a Bad Thing. Here, not sure much.

Sources at the meeting tell me that Emanuel really teed off on the Dem-versus-Dem attacks, calling them “f–king stupid.” This was a direct attack on some of the attendees in the room, who are running ads against Dems right now.

Tellingly, Rahm raised the specter of a loss on health care, sources at the meeting say — which suggests that the White House may be less certain about victory than officials allow publicly.

Which seems at odds with SEIU, whose propaganda ends with “health care deserves a democratic debate”. To the extent that debate drives towards a Constitutional Amendment to state just how the 10th Amendment is over-ridden in the case of health care, one can agree with the SEIU.

‘Raised the specter’ raises Joe Sestak against Arlen Specter in PA. May they decimate each other, and make room for a non-Progressive of some stripe. The fact that “We the People” have allowed these accretions of power is to our detriment.

August 7, 2009

Virginia, Meet Your Future Senator

Her name is Kelsey Budd. She is a student at the College of William & Mary, where she runs track and cross-country. She is currently interning for the Claire Boothe Luce Policy Institute — see her “Student Spotlight” here — and today at the YAF National Conservative Student Conference, she told me her ambition is to be a senator. Well, why wait to start the campaign?

See my article: “For YAF, the Future Is Now”

August 7, 2009

The Future of the Conservative Movement

Just brought me lunch:

This is Trey Easton, Sarah T. Herman Intern Scholar for the Young America’s Foundation, and a junior majoring in economics at George Mason University.

You may ask yourself, “Why is such a promising young fellow bringing Stacy McCain a cheeseburger, fries and a large sweet iced tea from Wendy’s?”

As famed George Mason economist Walter Williams would explain, the secret of capitalism is how “the Invisible Hand” redirects resources to their most valuable use. In this example, the resource involved was time.

There was a line at Wendy’s downstairs here at GWU’s Marvin Center, site of the YAF National Conservative Student Conference. Would my time be best spent standing in that line, rather than getting my laptop set up and logged in?

So I decided to come up here and was getting set up when — as if by magic — the “Invisible Hand” brought me into contact with young Mr. Easton.

“An intern?” I said. “Listen, I’ve got a job for you . . .”

Never let it be said that I haven’t done my share to train the future leaders of the conservative movement in the glories of capitalism!

UPDATE 3:42 p.m.: “Mom?” young Mr. Easton said into his cell phone just now, after I showed him this post. “Mom, go to Google. . . . OK, now type in ‘The Other McCain’ . . . That’s right. The first link at the top of the page. . . . OK, Mom, I gotta run now. Kind of busy. Love you. Bye.”

He forgot to add, “Hit the tip jar, Mom.” Never let it be said that I haven’t done my share to train the future leaders of the conservative movement in the glories of capitalism!

August 7, 2009

It’s a small binary world after all

by Smitty (h/t Open…)

Apparently, some bloke in Georgia (not RSM’s home state, but Edward Shevardnadze’s) was the cause of a globally visible ruckus yesterday:

A Georgian blogger with accounts on Twitter, Facebook, LiveJournal and Google’s Blogger and YouTube was targeted in a denial of service attack that led to the site-wide outage at Twitter and problems at the other sites on Thursday, according to a Facebook executive.

Open… quotes the victim as saying:

this hackers was from Russian KGB

I had a personal, albeit orders of magnitude smaller, experience along these lines last year when I put up something on the Slashdot Firehose.
Displeased people, presumably from Russia, mod-bombed me into oblivion and wrote rather threatening replies all over the site.
Granted, it’s only a website, but it does give one pause. The concept of free speech is not universally deemed a feature.

August 7, 2009

Live from YAF Conference!

I’m at the Young America’s Foundation National Conservative Student Conference, where Monica Crowley speaks tonight.

Will update with photos after dessert, but first I’ve got to tell you some weird news: No fewer than three students here have already told me they read the blog. One of them is Patrick Cassil, whose older sister is Alisa Cassil (a Facebook friend); another is actually Joseph Farah’s daughter, Alyssa; and the third is Eva Lorraine Molina, a Sarah Palin fan at Amherst College who’s actually been following the Hiroshima/Nagasaki thing that Dan and I have been doing this week.

Also, Eva is a fan of Ace of Spades HG — the next generation of Morons! Read my American Spectator article about the YAF Conference here.

Will update with photos and speech excerpts after I get my dessert and coffee.

UPDATE I: First two photos:

Monica Crowley and Jason Mattera.

Hannah Giles, Jason Mattera, Alyssa Farah. (Y’know, I think somebody’s trying to make somebody jealous.)

UPDATE II: Monica Crowley speaking about Obama: “This guy is even more dangerous than Bill Clinton ever was. . . . He is a radical through and through.”

Crowley on the town halls: “I love it that our Democratic elected representatives are afraid of us. . . . And they should be!”

Ah, some more photos of the attendees:

Alisa Cassil and her brother Patrick Cassil.

My tablemates and fellow Georgians, sisters Naomi and Lydia Brown.

Lydia Brown with Stephen Hodgson of the Young Briton’s Foundation.

Will update with more photos and quotes . . .

UPDATE III: More photos:

Brittany Bezick, Katelyn Alfano and Elizabeth Davidson.

Kelsey Budd, on the left, actually helped me with some of the IDs of earlier photos, and at right is Eva Lorraine Molina, the AOSHQ fan.

More photos to come . . .

UPDATE IV: In the Q&A, Naomi Brown asked a question and Crowley responded by saying she’d vote to elect Brown president. Also, Crowley called cap-and-trade “tantamount to the largest tax increase in the history of the world” and said the Waxman-Markey bill, if enacted would be “the death knell of the U.S. economy.”

A couple more photos:

Adam Destremps and Travis Korson.

Ruth Malhotra and YAF’s Patrick Coyle.

Travis Korson, Elizabeth Davidson, Emily O’Neil, Adam Destremps.

Well, they’re shutting down here. Be back tomorrow for Ann Coulter!