The Breast-Feeding Baby Doll

Trog is creeped out, but Daley Gator merely notes the “controversial” nature of Bebe Gloton:

A Spanish toymaker known as Berjuan has developed a breast-feeding doll that comes with a special halter top its young “mothers” wear as they pretend to breast-feed their “babies.” The halter top has daisies that cover the little girls’ nipples and come undone just as easily as the flaps of a nursing bra would.
The doll — called Bebe Gloton, which translates as “gluttonous baby” — makes sucking noises as it “feeds.”

Yeah, a bit weird. But maybe we should ponder whether make-believe motherhood is really a worse play-time activity for girls than whatever imaginative future is symbolized by those trashy Bratz dolls or, God forbid, pre-teen pole dancers.


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